The Head-Scratching Reason Danica Patrick Sold Her Lamborghini

Danica Patrick, the only woman to ever finish in the top 3 of an Indy 500, sold her Lamborghini Gallardo on New Year’s Eve, 2018 at an auction. According to Patrick, she had not driven the car in years. One of her biggest frustrations? The car does not have a cup holder. When it comes to vehicles, Patrick compares cars to purses, not being a car person herself.

“I just want something nice, when it wears out, I’ll buy a new one.”

When the auction closed at the beginning of 2019, Patrick cashed out more than $120,000 dollars for her entry-level Lamborghini. The Gallardo is no longer available direct from the factory, however, making this silver coupe a collector’s item. Cars like the Gallardo have a lot of history behind them, and buyers are well aware.

Patrick more recently drove a Jaguar for the summer of 2019, and seemed to enjoy it substantially more than her Lamborghini.

Danica Patrick’s racing career

Patrick dropped out of high school to move to the UK and pursue racing, which she succeeded at. She is the only woman to place top 3 in an Indycar 500 and was the first woman to win an Indy 300. Patrick blazed the trail for other women in racing, even if she isn’t a “car person.” Her skills in handling some of the world’s fastest cars are undeniable.

Driving race cars for hours at a time sounds like a dream, though many recount it as a taxing endeavor, often preferring to take a slower approach off the track. In the same way many tech support employees refuse to pick up the phone at home, some race car drivers refuse to grab the keys,   

This beautiful silver Gallardo coupe has scarcely been driven over the last several years, consistently taking a back seat to the Ford Expedition. One of its key flaws is not having cup holders, a feature which only recently became part of the standard package. Historically, cup holders have cost Gallardo owners several thousand dollars extra when ordering them from Lamborghini.

Passion for cars does not translate to racing skill

Many of us love cars, though few will ever be able to drive at the same level Patrick has. It’s important to remember that when your job revolves around something, you may not wish to pursue it as a passion outside of work. 

Patrick seems to have this approach to cars, preferring form and function over speed. No cup holders? Patrick won’t be driving your vehicle any time soon. For several years, she drove only the Expedition which was given to her for being part of Ford’s race team.

Stats of the Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 | Lamborghini

The entry-level Lamborghini Gallardo and its successor, the Huracan, hardly seem like entry-level vehicles, but when it comes to ultra-luxe brands, the bottom spot is still extremely expensive. The Gallardo can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just under 4 seconds. The V10 engine helped ensure ample power for any circumstances.

The Gallardo has a top speed on either side of the 200 miles per hour line, depending on which V10 engine is under the hood. Since being replaced by the Huracan, the Gallardo has become something of a collector’s vehicle, despite lacking some basic amenities. (Looking at you, cup holders.)

The Gallardo weighs in around 400 pounds heavier than its shiny new replacement, but collectors around the world are seeking to purchase a piece of Lamborghini history. The Huracan accounts for around half of all Lamborghinis sold worldwide. Gallardos, on the other hand, have only sold around 7,000 units total. That is less than either the Huracan or the Aventador by the end of 2018.