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GMC is touting that the new 2020 Sierra HD is a completely redesigned truck from previous models. Bradley Brownell from Jalopnik News was flown out to test drive this beast, and based on his review, we thought we’d share. If you’re wondering what features are the best about this new truck, how to spec out your ideal towing workhorse, and how much these bad boys will set you back, you’re in luck.

What Jalopnik thinks about the 2020 Sierra HD

In his review, Brownell is impressed overall. This pickup is bigger, heavier, and has more options than before. It’s as if GMC sought out to engineer the best of each component, from powertrain to tailgate.

According to this review, they’ve succeeded. While this HD isn’t winning awards for fuel economy (8-ish mpg), it’s the best at what it’s designed to do — work, haul, go.

Did GMC really start from scratch on this pickup?

GMC says it went back to the drawing board for this Sierra model. Supposedly, there’s not a 2019 anything left on the 2020. For example, GMC partnered with Allison Transmissions to carve out the perfect gearbox for the 10-speed automatic.

A detail like a gearbox might not sound overly important. But, feeling you’re always in the right gear, without hesitation, is incredibly satisfying. Expect improvements in most all aspects of this truck.

Some of the 2020 Sierra HD’s best features

This truck is made for towing and hauling. GMC says 93% of its HD consumers tow with their pickups. Half of them are pulling well over 8,000 lbs.

It’s clear the 2020 Sierra HD is just that — a towing machine. Anyone who tows understands the myriad of to-do tasks from getting the hitch lined up to checking your tanks on the camper. It’s as if GMC had this checklist in mind when it armed the HD with enough tech and cameras to do and check everything from the driver’s seat.

In addition to all the towing enhancement tech, here’s a shortlist of other notable features you’ll appreciate.

  • Heads-up display
  • Tailgate option of Kicker brand, integrated Bluetooth speakers
  • More head and legroom (even for a big guy)
  • Rearview camera display (there’s not a line of sight you won’t have with an optional 15 cameras)
  • Electronic automatic 4WD
  • Multi-Pro tailgate
  • Lots of knobs and buttons (to accompany those touchscreens)

Mind-blowing specs, by the numbers

To give you a proper introduction to the numbers, let’s review the specs. You’ll have your choice of trim levels and configurations. You can opt for the off-road AT4 or the luxury-based Denali, among others.

But the Sierra HD begins with an entirely new 6.6-liter V8 that boasts 401 hp and 464 lb-ft of torque. It’s partnered with the six-speed transmission, and option for rear or all-wheel drive. Beef up with the optional Duramax diesel, for 445 hp and 910 lb-ft and the ten-speed automatic transmission. You have your pick of single or dual rear wheels, as well.

The Sierra 2500 HD

  • Towing: Pull up to 18,519 lbs
  • Max Payload: 3,979 lbs

The Sierra 3500 HD

  • Towing: Pull up to 35,500 lbs (that’s not a typo)
  • Max Payload: 7,442 lbs

How much for the 2020 Sierra HD

You can expect to pay for every ounce of this truck. But, if you’re buying this HD, chances are you need it for a reason, and it’ll be worth every penny.

The Sierra 2500 starts at $40,000. Higher-level trim levels and packages can run closer to $72,920 on up. The Sierra 3500s start around $41,200 and can be built out up to $80,000.

The sentiment here is that GMC spared no expense and didn’t cut any corners when they designed the 2020 Sierra HD. It very well could be the best pickup in doing precisely what Sierra HD owners need it to do.