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The full-size pickup truck market has a lot of options to choose from. Two of the most popular trucks in that segment are the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra. Both trucks are made by General Motors, so both have a lot in common.

In fact, both were first released in the same year and are considered to be mechanical twins. But like any truck, everyone has their personal preference. Let’s take a look at how many differences these two trucks actually have.

The Silverado and Sierra’s exteriors are hugely different

The most obvious difference between the 2019 Sierra and the 2019 Silverado are the exteriors. The Sierra has a few details that make it look like the more premium truck, which is what GM wanted. It has more chrome, more details, and is generally seen as a more luxurious style than the Silverado. The Sierra also comes with an optional MultiPro tailgate, which can configure into six different settings like steps, a cutaway to quickly access the bed, and a loading ramp option.

The Silverado and Sierra also come in different cabin options. The Silverado is available as a single cab, extended crew, or crew cab. The Sierra is only available as an extended crew or crew cab. So if you’re looking for a simple work truck or don’t like the extra space that a second row of seating offers, the Silverado would be your only choice between the two.

The interiors are not so different

These twin trucks have a lot more similarities on the inside than on the outside. The interiors of both trucks are almost identical. Both have standard creature comforts like leather seats, wood trim accents, and plenty of small storage spots tucked around the cabin. The Sierra has a larger center console and slightly more comfortable seats, but the two trucks are essentially the same on the inside.

But which one has more power?

Funnily enough, the Sierra and the Silverado’s powertrain options are exactly the same. You have the option of choosing between five different engines, based on what your needs are.

The most common engine found in both trucks is the 5.3-liter V8. With that, you’ll get 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque, as well as 17/23 mpg city/highway.

The Silverado has a maximum towing capacity of 12,200 lb and the Sierra has a maximum of 12,500 lb. This places them both in the middle of the rest of the competition, but both are still great for light-duty towing. While the Sierra has a slight edge over the Silverado’s towing capacity, the opposite is the case for their payloads.

The Silverado has a payload capacity of 2,280 lb and the Sierra’s is 2,240 lb. These trucks really know how to keep each other on a level playing field, don’t they?

So, which truck would be right for me?

With how many similarities the Silverado and the Sierra have, most people would be looking to the bottom line: the price. The GMC is a bit pricier than the Chevy. The 2019 Sierra starts out around $33,000 while the 2019 Silverado starts out at about $28,000. So if nothing else matters to you, then the Silverado would probably be your choice.

The Sierra comes in more premium trim options, with the top of its line being the Sierra Denali. The Silverado’s top trim model is the Silverado High Country. The Denali edition is thought to be one of the best trim options available for a full-size pickup truck, and costs about $5,000 more than the Silverado High Country.