The Lincoln Navigator Isn’t Incredibly Capable Or Luxurious

The Lincoln Navigator is the fancy version of the Ford Expedition, but does it incorporate luxury features? What makes it worth the extra money? When the Ford Expedition is highly popular and more than capable, why are people attracted to the Navigator? 

What Makes The Lincoln Navigator Luxurious? 

To get started in a Lincoln Navigator, prepare your wallet. The base model begins around $76k. This is less than the Range Rover, which starts around $90k and much more than the Expedition. The Ford Expedition is still pretty expensive though and starts around $52k.

An excellent fuel economy isn’t one of the luxuries included with the Navigator. It only gets up to 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. These numbers are shockingly low. To save on fuel with a luxury SUV, go with the Audi Hybrid instead. 

Lincoln Navigator Power 

Under the hood of the Lincoln Navigator, you’ll discover one powerful engine. Its 3.5-liter V6 engine produces 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. 

This amount of power is increasingly high compared to the base model of the Range Rover. Also, the highest trim model of the Ford Expedition only produces 400 horsepower. 

The Lincoln Navigator towing compacity ranges from 6,200 to 8,300 lb depending on which model you choose. Either way, you should be able to tow your boat just fine. 

You will also have a fair amount of pep around town as the Lincoln Navigator can go from 0 to 60 in a mere 60 seconds. We would like for a luxury SUV to have a bit more pick up, but this is faster than it’s competitors. 

While the Navigator is equipped with four-wheel drive, it’s off-roading capabilities feel a bit limited due to its massive size. 

It can get your entire family to the campsite, but be wary of narrow trails. Many drivers have dealt with having their mirrors clipped. 

Lincoln Navigator Features 

Let’s dive inside the Lincoln Navigator to see what luxurious features it has to offer. One of which includes comfort. 

The Navigator can comfortably fit up to seven passengers in large, leather padded seats. The second row has Best In Class legroom, and the third row has a power reclining option to provide a comfy ride for everyone. 

If you’re afraid to park this massive SUV, relax with the enhanced parking assist feature. You can have a 360 view of your Navigator, and sensors detect how much space you have and automatically position the wheels to fit comfortably. 

Other than that, the tech features feel incredibly standard. Sure, the Heads Up Display provides crucial information on the windshield to help you keep your eyes on the road, but that’s a standard feature. 

Also, you can connect your smartphone to your Lincoln to upload navigation plans and schedule maintenance appointments, but the Jeep Renegade can do that too. 

The Navigator also has standard safety features such as lane departure assistance and forward collision prevention. Aside from the spacious interior and pretty good pickup, the Navigator isn’t that much of an upgrade from the Expedition.