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The Jeep wave is a cultural phenomenon among those who are lucky enough to drive a Jeep SUV. It’s a Jeep thing, and you wouldn’t understand. But before you get worried that your Jeep Wrangler isn’t cool enough: it is. The Jeep wave program is a loyalty program for the brand, but it’s also a friendly greeting for everyone.

What is the Jeep wave?

The history of the Jeep wave
The ’80 Jeep CJ-7 Standard engine on the new Jeeps is a four-cylinder | Denver Post via Getty Images

Everyone has something positive to say, no matter who you ask about the Jeep wave. Fab Fours is a popular website for off-roaders and Jeep fans and has all of the info on the Jeep wave. In fact, Fab Fours calls the wave a “longstanding tradition that the Jeep brand stands for with its capable, fun, and utility vehicles.”

Have you ever rented a scooter or Vespa while on vacation and gotten a lot of friendly waves on the ride from other scooter-clad people? Or perhaps you have seen motorcycles have a friendly rapport with other drivers while on the road. The Jeep wave is like that, a community of supportive Jeep drivers anywhere you go.

The Jeep wave is just a way for Jeep owners and drivers to say hello to others in Jeeps. Fab Fours says it used to be for Jeep CJs, YJs, TJs, and JKs only, but the wave has expanded to include everyone in a Jeep now. Yes, even the everyday Jeep Wrangler.

Is the Jeep wave still a thing?

It wasn’t all Jeeps that could be a part of the wave back in the day. The CJ was widely considered the crème de la crème of Jeepdom. The JK was in the middle of the pack, and the TJ, YJ, and the Jeep Cherokee sat at the bottom. Rumor has it that people also factored in how dirty the vehicle was. A clean one was less cool; a dirty Jeep deserved respect.

Those who might have set up the SUV for off-roading also get more respect. Big wheels and tires, lifts, bumpers, and other modifications are a big positive in the eyes of the Jeep wavers.

While that is mostly an urban legend, YMMV (your mileage may vary). Most people driving Jeeps are happy enough to see another one on the road and give a wave. These SUVs are meant for off-roading fun, but that doesn’t mean anyone is using it wrong by driving to work daily. The lineup these days has expanded to offer everything from an adventure-worthy Jeep Wrangler to the practical Jeep Renegades, but all of the old Jeeps still represent the brand.

It is also the name of a new loyalty owner program

The brand is so serious about the culture that it decided to make the Jeep Wave a loyalty program. “Worry-free maintenance for your peace of mind,” the automaker says. Offering coverage on all 2021 Jeeps and newer, the vehicles are now covered for 36 months. This program offers three free oil changes and tire rotations for the first 36 months. It doesn’t place any limits on the mileage.

In conclusion, the Jeep wave is a greeting for other Jeep drivers and a loyalty program from the brand itself. If you are in your car and see a wave, wave back! It is way more fun that way. Especially if you are on your way for an off-roading adventure in your shiny-new Jeep.

This article was updated on 9/02/2022.


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