The Jaguar XF Receives Discounts of up to $17,000

The Jaguar XF’s sales have been steadily declining since 2016. Earlier this week, Jaguar announced that the XF Sportbrake would be killed off at the end of 2020. Alongside the stylish wagon, the XE sedan would also exit the U.S. market, potentially signaling rough times ahead for the carmaker. For the time being, Jaguar has turned its attention toward selling as many XF’s as possible with significant discounts. According to CarsDirect, dealer cash incentives can now save buyers up to $17,000 off the price of a brand new XF or XF Sportbrake.

It still costs $51,200 after the discount

The Jaguar XF is an affordable family sedan with excellent financing incentives.
Jaguar XF | Jaguar

The most significant discount available for the Jaguar XF is for the most expensive model. Given the low sales figures for the model, it makes sense that the most costly versions would receive the deepest discounts since they are the hardest to sell. The full $17,000 incentive is available for both the XF S and the XF Sportbrake S. Without the deal, the sedan comes in at $68,200 without options and the wagon at $71,800 without options. The result is that despite the massive price decrease, the model is still far from affordable.

Four-cylinder versions of the XF are also eligible for a discount, although it is slightly lower at $15,000. CarsDirect does not specify if the deal can be applied to the base XF and its $51,100 starting price. If the discount applies to the XF, it will bring its price down to a more reasonable $36,100. At the lower price-point, the XF becomes a far more appealing purchase.

It is worth noting that these discounts are dealer cash incentives provided by Jaguar, meaning you’ll most likely have to shop around to find the full discount. Jaguar is not publicly advertising it on its website.

Is the Jaguar XF worth the cash?

The Jaguar XF is an affordable family sedan with excellent financing incentives.
Jaguar XF | Jaguar

The Jaguar XF’s low sales figures and subsequent wagon model cancelation likely have a good reason. On paper, the XF seems to have the makings of a great luxury sedan. While a 247-hp four-cylinder engine comes as standard, there is an available 380-hp V6. Aside from the outright power, the XF is a stunning looking machine, especially the Sportbrake. The styling appears to be one of the XF’s greatest strength.

During Consumer Reports‘ testing of the XF, it noted that the overall driving dynamics were excellent, even offering a quiet and comfortable ride. The XF’s Achilles heel, however, appears to be its reliability. Consumer Reports noted that the XF had some of the worst reliability ratings amongst its competitors. As a result, owner satisfaction for the XF is low. Factor in the steep price tag and the XF’s lack of sales begins to make sense.

The writing is on the wall for the XF

The Jaguar XF is an affordable family sedan with excellent financing incentives.
Jaguar XF | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

The 2020 Jaguar XF Has a Long Way to Go to Be Considered a Luxury Contender

According to GoodCarBadCar, just 1,236 Jaguar XF’s found homes in 2019, marking the lowest sales figures since 2016. The cancelation of the cheaper XE model says a lot of what could happen to the more expensive XF model. The silver lining in the XF’s situation is that the 2021 model appears to take a turn in the positive direction by being cheaper, more luxurious, and even nicer to look at. While the improvements in the new model are welcomed, they may have arrived too late.