Chevy Hates Ram: Will Pay You $750 Incentive To Switch

With Labor Day coming and summer almost over those yearly incentives, car manufacturers rely on to move the iron are upon us. But this year Chevy is taking a different approach. As Ram trucks beat out Chevy for the number two slot in sales last year the folks at Chevy are mad. The combination of all of this has resulted in a $750 discount if you own a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram. Even if you take out a car lease they’ll take off $250. 

You don’t have to trade it in, either. The incentive only requires that you or someone in your household has to own a Fiat Chrysler product. That’s all. This offer is good through the end of August.

GM will stack incentives onto other discounts that can save quite a lot

A man inspects a car inside a dealership
A man looks at the sticker price of a new Chevrolet | Getty Images

That $750 isn’t a deal-maker. But according to Cars Direct GM will stack the incentive onto other discounts that can save quite a lot on certain models. The Fiat Chrysler discount works for the purchase of Equinox, Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, GMC Terrain, and Sierra 1500 Crew Cab. With the discounts available for the Terrain you are looking at a savings of over $8,000. 

This comes on top of the news that GM’s second attempt to file a RICO suit against Fiat Chrysler has been denied. GM’s suit claims Fiat Chrysler collided with UAW officials to lower labor costs giving it an unfair advantage. Fiat Chrysler has continually denied the allegations. GM says they’ll appeal the decision.

GM obviously feels it has the goods on Fiat Chrysler but this is the second time the filing has been denied. From looking from the outside it’s hard to imagine how solid GM’s foundation for the suit is. Also, it’s hard to imagine how productive it is for the corporation. With COVID-19 concerns and so many new models set to launch in the next couple of years why not look ahead rather than back. 

Most inventories are very thin right now

2020 RAM trucks are displayed at a car dealership in Illinois
2020 RAM trucks are displayed at a car dealership in Illinois | Getty Images

Back to the incentives. In general, the car companies won’t be offering a ton of incentives because the coronavirus stopped production. So most inventories are very thin right now. So there are few dealers dealing. This is an opportunity to score a big discount with the other incentives during a time when everything is at MSRP.

Few other companies are offering much with incentives but here’s some that stand out. The Jeep Compass can be purchased for 15% off MSRP in California. For a Compass Limited, that amounts to $4,500 off. Another Jeep discount is on Laredo E models of the Grand Cherokee. You can now take $7,500 off the price before Labor Day.

Acura is talking $5,500 off when you finance through their Acura Financial

Acura dealership webinar screenshot
Acura dealership webinar screenshot | AcuraZine

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The Kia Sorento qualifies for a $4,000 rebate. On certain models, Kia will take another $2,000 off for a total of $6,000 through August. Acura is talking $5,500 when you finance through their Acura Financial. If you currently own an Acura they’ll take another $2,000 off the top. 

Cadillac Escalades and Kia Optima sedans have some impressive discounts, too. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle check out the pre-Labor Day specials and then keep those in mind when dealing after August. You might be able to swing a better price knowing what incentives were offered in August.