The Electric Mountain Bike Developed By a Supercar Maker

Just like Jeep has done, there’s another automaker introducing bicycles. Though admittedly, Jeep’s electric mountain bike is based on an existing design. The electric mountain bike released by Croatian firm Greyp, though, is entirely its own design. One that was created in part with the help of another Croatian company: electric supercar maker Rimac.

How Greyp’s electric mountain bike and Rimac are connected

Rimac is a fairly well-known name in the supercar world, Motor1 reports. The company’s first product, the Concept One, was infamously crashed by Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond.

Silver Rimac C_two with butterfly doors open
Rimac C_two | Rimac

Since then, the automaker has been developing its second car, fittingly called ‘C_two,’ or ‘Concept Two.’ Which, given its spec list—1888 hp, 1696 lb-ft, 0-60 in 1.9 seconds—should give the Lotus Evija quite a challenge. Company founder Mate Rimac stated in an interview with Top Gear that he views EVs as the “best solution” for making better cars. And cars aren’t the only EVs Mate Rimac is interested in.

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Greyp didn’t form a partnership with Rimac, The Drive explains. Rather, Greyp was founded by Rimac and several of his employees. In fact, the bicycle company was established over a decade ago. It released its first electric mountain bike, the G12, in 2013, Mashable reports.

But that was more like a moped or motorcycle than an e-bike, International Mountain Bike Magazine reports. Mainly because it could go 43 mph—faster than any e-bike can legally go in the US, Bicycling reports.

The Greyp G6, though, is a genuine electric mountain bike.

Greyp G6 electric mountain bike details

White-and-yellow Greyp G6 electric mountain bike on top of a snowy mountain facing the sunrise
Greyp G6 electric mountain bike | Greyp via Instagram

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The Greyp G6 is available in 4 trims: G6.1, G6.2, G6.3, and G6.X Limited. All 4 electric mountain bikes have a carbon-fiber frame available in 3 different sizes. It’s allegedly the same fiber used in Rimac’s supercars.

The G6.1 and G6.2 come with a 250W electric motor and a 700Wh removable lithium-ion battery pack. The G6.3 and G6.X use the same battery, but a 460W motor. The latter two top out at 28 mph, making them Class 3 electric mountain bikes. The max range is 62 miles.

All G6 models are pedal-assist, the level of which is adjustable via a handlebar-mounted switch. In addition, if you link your smartphone’s Greyp app to a heart monitor, the bike can adjust the pedal-assist based on your heart rate. Plus, you can use your phone in place of the display, which also lets you use it to navigate.

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In addition, the Greyp G6s feature hydraulic disc brakes and 1x SRAM derailleurs. The G6.1-G6.3 use Rock Shox suspension, while the G6.X has Ohlins dampers. All 4 models have built-in 4G eSIM cards to enable over-the-air updates, and let owners track their bikes. The electric mountain bikes also have various built-in sensors to detect unwanted contact. Plus, they have front and rear HD cameras to record sick jumps or snap photos of wannabe thieves.

According to Mashable and IMBM, the always-connected nature can be a problem for the app if you go out of the signal range. But as an electric mountain bike, the Greyp G6 is the real thing. Its geometry is better suited to uphill climbs and flat sections than downhill runs. However, with 5.9” of suspension travel, it’s not unmanageable. And around town, the pedal-assist means you can keep pace with traffic despite the wide tires.

Pricing and competition comparison

Black Greyp G6.X Limited bicycle
Greyp G6.X Limited | Greyp

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The Greyp G6.1 electric mountain bike starts at $7315, going up to $15,755 for the G6.X. Jeep’s e-bike has a more powerful motor, though it does have less range, likely due to its wide tires. But it’s also about $1000 cheaper.

Electric Jeep mountain bike
Electric Jeep mountain bike | QuietKat

Meanwhile, Ducati also has a range of electric mountain bikes. The MIG-RR has the same range as the G6.1 but costs about $250 less. However, its frame is aluminum and has a slightly weaker motor. There’s also the cheaper MIG-S, which has a smaller 504Wh battery.

Ducati MIG-RR on-trail
Ducati MIG-RR on-trail | Ducati

Of the 3, the Ducati MIG-RR might be the sportiest. It’s also about 6 pounds lighter than the Greyp G6, E-MountainBike reports. But the best way to really see which is best for you is to sit on and test ride them. Go find some hills, and laugh as the electric motor turns them into nothing.

And if you do end up getting the Greyp, you’ll be able to say your bike was made with the help of a supercar company.

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