The Best Looking And Only Tesla Convertible Like This

First, we should probably point out that this is not Photoshopped. This is a real two-door Tesla Model S convertible conversion. It was commissioned to ARES Design which was tasked to both air it up but also make it a two-door since Tesla doesn’t make two-door sedans. ARES Design is in Modena, Italy.

Once the top was off ARES fabricated a well for the top

ARES Tesla Model S convertible conversion | ARES

Of course, whacking the top off of a pillared sedan can result in spaghetti. ARES Design reinforced beneath the cockpit floor and also behind the rear seats. Once the top was off it fabricated a well for the top to nest into and also fabricated a cover. We don’t know if the top boot cover is fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber, or metal. 

The same goes for the lengthened doors and door jambs. We don’t know whether stock doors and jambs were just sliced and stretched or new sheet metal was created. Removing the B-pillars entirely seems like you couldn’t slice-and-dice a new jamb but instead would need to metal shape an entire rear section. 

We would expect ARES will get more commissions for similar conversions

ARES Tesla Model S convertible conversion interior | ARES

We would expect that ARES will get more commissions for similar conversions. The end result looks impressive. It would make sense to have some low-cost tooling made up to make the next conversion easier to make. 

A carbon fiber aero kit was added for further distinction. ARES told Carscoops that since this was the first it does not incorporate any rollover protection. However, it told them all future conversions will feature a retractable roll bar system similar to Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.  

“At ARES our co-create philosophy allows clients to work side-by-side with our designers and engineers to create their very own bespoke vehicle, a service that is unique to ARES’, CEO Dany Bahar told Carscoops. “This Tesla project is a superb example of this. It was a pure coachbuilding project which we very much enjoy doing and seeing the results of our uncompromising standards.” 

Future Tesla conversions will incorporate the retractable roll bars

ARES Tesla Model S convertible conversion | ARES

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No price was given. Since future Tesla conversions, if there are any, will incorporate the retractable roll bars, it would be hard to say how much the next one will be. Suffice it to say this was not cheap. 

Maybe Tesla should start up a coachbuilding arm that could do limousine, convertible, and possibly pickup truck conversions of its Model S and Model 3? Low-cost tooling would lower the price as would not starting with a complete Tesla but instead, one that was partially completed that is pulled from the assembly line. That is how Lincoln was doing its factory limos for years.