“Pandemic Special” Convertible Tesla Model 3: Perfect For Right Now

If you’re doing a lot of traveling with co-workers or friends in confined places you’re asking for contracting coronavirus. Six-foot distancing is a couple of ways to lessen the possibility. But you can’t get that far apart in a car. What should you do? If you’ve got a Tesla Model 3 you can swing over to Newport Convertible Engineering in Huntington Beach, California. They’ll cut the top off and convert it into a convertible. Problem solved! A “Pandemic Special” Tesla Model 3 is the perfect vehicle for right now.

What better way to get the odds in your favor than going convertible?

NCE has been around forever and is known for hacking tops off of anything and everything; even Toyota Priuses. It is also known for doing armored buildups of limos, Maybachs, and trucks of all sorts. But in this era of COVID-19 what better way to get the odds in your favor than to get a “Pandemic Special” convertible Tesla?

It’s green, silent-so you can enjoy the surroundings without a hint of sound, and now safer than anything with a top. Especially, if you carpool the kiddies or with co-workers driving with the top down could save your lives. Just bring a heavy coat or umbrella for unexpected snowstorms or April showers.

Mostly these conversions are a way to stand out

Yes, the weather may be challenging in snowy conditions but better to catch a cold than the coronavirus. Of course we’re kidding around about driving with the top down in the snow. Mostly these conversions are a way to stand out from the sea of Model 3s buzzing around many metro areas. Especially here in Motor Biscuit’s hometown digs of Los Angeles Model 3s are everywhere.

Of course, you’ve got to like the look of a convertible Tesla first. You’ll be staring at it for a few years, right? And for some it may not be a look you can warm up to. We suppose if you really like the looks but don’t have the cha-cha for the conversion you could take your Tesla to a vinyl top shop. They still do fake convertible vinyl tops for blue-hair Cadillac owners. 

We’re not especially fond of the black vinyl running below the top on the quarter panels and decklid. We’re not sure whether it is hiding the cuts to the original top or if it is acting as some type of protection for the folded top. Either way we would prefer seeing painted sheetmetal running right up to the beginning of the convertible material. But that is a personal preference.

With the B-pillar hoop, Newport saves a lot of time which saves cost


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The structural integrity of the car is maintained with the B-pillar hoop. It also helps Newport keep the price lower since it doesn’t have to deal with new side-glass, sealing it all off, and turning what is a sedan into a hardtop. Reinforcing the frame and body would just add a bunch more weight and cost. 

Speaking of cost The Drive tried to squeeze a price out of Newport for the conversion but they were vague about the bottom line. Figure around $10,000, and don’t be mad at us if it’s a bit more.