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Subcompact crossovers have become more popular in recent years. These small utes offer most drivers the right balance of size, price, and efficiency. Adding more subcompact SUVs to the electric vehicle market could be the next wave of popular choices, which makes the new Kia EV3 well-timed and right for the market.

When will the new Kia EV3 arrive?

The full debut of the Kia EV3 takes place on May 23, giving the world a look at the next electric SUV in the Kia lineup. Although the electric vehicle market seems to be cooling down, this new Kia could spur some instant growth based on size, price, and driving range (sound familiar).

Last year, Kia presented the EV3 as a concept model at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Now, it’s nearly time for this little Kia to enter the market and be the next model in Kia’s growing EV lineup. The model that crossed the stage in LA looked production-ready. It gave us a hopeful expectation that at least 90% of this new electric crossover will resemble the concept model. The other 10% could be the addition of larger side mirrors and door handles, which makes this Kia a little more livable.

If you’re looking for styling influence, look to the new foreign market Kia EV5/EV5 GT models.

Will the cabin change from the concept model?

The concept EV3 appeared with a minimalist cabin and almost no physical controls. This aspect should change in the cabin. Expect to find some redundant controls and additional buttons to give drivers added control on the road.

Kia EV3 Rear Left Quarter  view
Kia EV3 Rear Left Quarter | Kia

What platform underpins the Kia EV3?

This smaller electric SUV shares the E-GMP platform with the larger EV6 and EV9 models. It could use a 400-volt setup instead of the 800-volt arrangement in the larger Kia EVs. This means the new EV3 might not have ultra-fast charging capabilities but could reach 80% in 27 minutes. We can guess this based on the EV5, which uses a 400-volt architecture and charges from 30 to 80 percent in 27 minutes.

The LA reveal hints at an American version

Showing off an EV in Los Angeles gives us hope that Kia will bring the production version EV3 to our market. Kia is still working on how they want to do this. Unfortunately, if the EV3 is an imported SUV, it won’t qualify for the $7,500 federal EV tax credit. Drivers will need to lease this new electric subcompact SUV to earn the credit.

Will the new Kia EV3 boost the electric vehicle market?

Source: Motor1