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Summer gets a little sweeter when you’re able to enjoy the boat life. Families often turn to their boats for quality family time on the lake or the river. Now may also be a great time for buying a boat if you’re in the market for one. Whether you’re preparing to trade up or buying for the first time, the Bayliner Element E18 is worth a look.

According to the critics, it’s a solid boat, packed with family-friendly amenities, and well worth the price. And the best part about the price tag is you don’t have to be crazy rich to afford it.

Bayliner knows how to build quality boats

A couple out for a ride on a Bayliner deck boat
A couple taking a Bayliner deck boat out for a ride | Getty Images

Bayliner is a company with a reputable history of building and designing top-quality boats. Families often find precisely what they need in a Bayliner, in part because of the company’s ability to offer a host of family-friendly boating options and affordable prices. Although the company used to have a bad rap, it appears the quality has improved over the years.

The Bayliner Element E18 is one of its flagship models and a larger member of the Element deck boat lineup. The E18 features a patent-pending, deep central vee, M Hull design, and is just one aspect of design that appeals to families.

The official specs for the Bayliner Element E18

The Bayliner Element E18 is a larger model boat with the capability of seating nine passengers comfortably, according to Boat Guide. Official specs measure the E18 at a little over 18 feet long, with a beam of seven-foot, five inches.

The engine harnesses is capable of supporting a 125 hp motor, though most will come with a 90 hp engine. There is a hydraulic steering option, which many critics suggest is worth the upgrade.

A great addition to family recreation

The Bayliner Element E18 is a perfect addition to the family recreational calendar for a number of reasons. The hot tub seating style is popular, creating “social zones” for quiet conversations.

It also provides an ideal area for the little ones who may want to hang out away from their adults. Another favorite characteristic of the Element E18 is the deep freeboard and the taller gunnels that help shield boat riders from any unnecessary spray.

Packing towels, dry clothes, and life jackets for the whole gang is easy with the Element E18’s ample storage capacities. And there are tons of cupholders throughout the craft.

At the helm, the captain will enjoy a clean, seven-inch multi-gauge and a padded steering wheel. The throttle control may seem to be precisely situated for comfortable grip and engagement. The only potential critique from some is the windshield design, which doesn’t offer much wind deflection.

Value and affordability go hand in hand

Bayliner builds quality boats, and the Element E18 brings a value-packed punch. Acceleration is quick, with capable speeds up to 35 mph. But it also offers fuel efficiency and plenty of room for all your favorite people and things. And the sweet spot might just be the price tag. You don’t have to be abundantly wealthy to own a Bayliner Element E18.

In fact, you can buy one today and be on the water tomorrow for around $20,000. You could spend that on one extended family vacation. Or, as many families are opting to do these days, you could invest in a Bayliner Element E18 and have a vacation with the family every summer weekend.

The Bayliner Element E18 does offer extended options for add-ons and must-have upgrades. Customizing your family deck boat is easy, with features like folding watersports arches, Bimini tops, and filler cushions.

If you’re looking for or even considering a family boat to enjoy the water, the Bayliner Element E18 may just check all your boxes, without draining your bank account.


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