The 2021 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Special Edition Isn’t Actually Black

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator is back and now offering a Black Label Special Edition. And this new version of the popular large, luxury SUV is certainly a lot of things. It’s arguably one of the best luxury SUVs in the U.S. It’s ultra-luxury and has only the highest-quality materials. It’s powerful and capable in a refined and road savvy way. This Lincoln Navigator has one-of-a-kind looks and polished styling. It is the epitome of plush and is Lincoln’s flagship portfolio front-runner. But one thing this Black Label Special Edition variation of the Lincoln Navigator isn’t is black.

Redefining the Lincoln Navigator Black Label Special Edition paint palette

The Black Label Special Edition of the 2021 Lincoln Navigator does offer a variety of color selections. And the monochromatic contrast is proving to be super-sharp, according to CNET. You can express your personality and personal preferences with exterior paint colors like Chroma Molten Gold, Flight, Blue, Burgundy Velvet, and Pristine White. Even the paint color names seem premium and exotic. But don’t let the name of the Black Label Special Edition variation of the Lincoln Navigator fool you. You won’t have an option for black this year. And after seeing some of these color variations, you might just be ok with forgoing a darkened-out Navigator anyway.

What features do come in black

The Black Label Special Edition does bring a few black accents to the Lincoln Navigator. Instead of a full-body blackened look, you’ll choose your favorite color and have black touches for a truly unique appearance. The roof spoiler and roof itself are entirely black, offering an impressive distinction to the Navigator’s overall style. And the side-view mirror caps and 22-inch wheels are also accented in black, ensuring that even a side view of this luxurious SUV is appealing and capable of turning heads.

Other features that come with this upscale Lincoln Navigator

Considering the Black Label Special Edition is the top-of-the-line version of the 2021 Lincoln Navigator, you can expect upgrades wherever applicable. Enjoy what Lincoln calls its “Perfect Position” front seats. You’ll enjoy three luxurious rows of seating capacity in either a long wheelbase or a standard wheelbase stance. 

Under the hood, you’ll love the powerful 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 engine, capable of harnessing 450 hp and towing up to 8,700 pounds. This engine is married to a 10-speed automatic transmission making for a smooth drive dynamic in almost every environment. From the driver’s seat, you can choose from six Lincoln Drive Modes to tap into that engine power, with a range of modes from Conserve to Excite.

Lincoln’s flagship SUV continues to impress


Lincoln Dominated This List of Best Luxury 3-Row SUVs

MotorTrend listed this stylish ride as the best full-size luxury SUV you can buy. And Lincoln claims that nearly 20 percent of the Navigator models the company sold this year were Black Label versions. There’s no question this 2021 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Special Edition continues to impress those who experience it. 

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator Black Label alone will set you back around $99,000. But adding the incredibly sharp, Special Edition package will tack on an extra $6,695. But if the best of the best luxury and upscale comforts is what you crave, there probably isn’t another SUV as qualified for the job.

You can look for this new Lincoln Navigator to start landing at your local dealers in the spring of next year. And that gives you a couple of months to decide what color you’d like your Lincoln Navigator Black Label Special Edition to be. It just won’t be all black. But you’re sure to draw all the attention when you drive through your neighborhood with this new style.