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The Honda Pilot came on the midsize SUV stage back in 2002. It’s the largest of the Honda family, with its three rows of available seats. And it’s proof that you can’t keep a good thing down, as it continues to be a popular model among families yet today. The 2020 Honda Pilot didn’t see much in the way of changes or upgrades. However, Honda did introduce the new Black Edition trim this year.

The competition in this segment is getting steeper, with fresh entries and new model upgrades among rivals. While you may wonder if the Honda Pilot is able to keep up, what you’ll never have to worry about with the Pilot is having enough space.

When it comes to SUVs roominess and spaciousness matter

Not everyone needs a third row, of course. But those who do, need it for a good reason, and there might not be room to negotiate around finding a vehicle with enough space. These buyers either have family or cargo (or both) to haul, and a roomy and spacious interior matters.

As SUVs look for ways to streamline fuel economy and shave off the behemoth size appearance of the three-row capacity crossovers, it can sometimes encroach on available space.

The 2020 Honda Pilot, however, does not. It remains one of the best in offering cavernous cabin, loads of cargo space, and ingenious compartment storage options. With comfortable seating arrangements for as many as eight adults and 16.5 cubic feet of storage, according to the Car Connection, you won’t have to compromise capacity with the Honda Pilot.

Other reasons to love the 2020 Honda Pilot

The 2020 Honda Pilot isn’t the beast-mode mobile like some of the larger SUVs offering third-row seating. It actually feels more like a minivan, and that might be why so many families continue to love it. The ride is smooth, and the fuel-economy is easier on the wallet than some of its rivals.

Consumers have their choice of six trim levels: LX, EX, EX-L, Touring, Elite, and the Black Edition. They enjoy the power of the 3.5-liter V6 and appreciate the options of FWD or AWD. This SUV is smart and intuitive. And it’s functional in ways beyond just offering enough leg and headroom.

The general consensus on areas of improvement

The 2020 Honda Pilot might not be perfect, and competitors continue to improve to narrow the gap. Most of the critics point out that while the Honda Pilot continues to meet the needs of families, it lacks a certain remarkability and excitement that new or refreshed rivals have.

Edmunds for example, point out the Pilot’s adaptive cruise is a bit over-sensitive. But overall the Pilot has remained a reliable choice for years.

The 2020 Honda Pilot remains competitive


This 2020 “Black Edition” Honda Pilot Is Way Too Expensive

It might not be flashy or enthusiastic, but the 2020 Honda Pilot is certainly still a competitive option. When you need ground-clearance, but without needing a step ladder or all-wheel drive without compromising fuel efficiency, the Honda Pilot is a handsome contender.

It has the must-have driver assistance features, clever storage, and a decent infotainment system. It can hang just fine with the likes of the Volkswagen Atlas and the Toyota Highlander.

When you need space for people and all the gear they haul with them, the 2020 Honda Pilot will not disappoint. While other third-row capable SUVs are offering new bells and whistles, the Honda Pilot keeps with its promise to remain spacious, roomy, and comfortable. And when space matters, you won’t have to negotiate with a Pilot.