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When Cadillac does anything, it usually adopts the ‘go big or go home’ style. Consumers have grown to expect the best of the best from this brand. Often at the top of the luxury food chain, Cadillac is known for its over-the-top size, extras, and comforts. So, when the Detroit automaker introduced the all-new XT6, everyone anticipated the SUV to have it all.

While its aimed at a market of buyers who prefer something smaller than an Escalade, but with the capability and three rows, some say it still seems to lack the wow factor. And filling one niche may have put this luxury vehicle right where it doesn’t want to be.

Stand-out features worth mentioning

The 2020 Cadillac XT6 isn’t disappointing by any means. Its more sedan-like chassis, rivaling that truck-based design of the Escalade, makes it incredibly maneuverable.

It’s a capable performer too, armed with the 310-hp V6 engine shared with the smaller XT5 model. The XT6 can handle light-duty trailering, up to 4,000 pounds. Its third row is roomier than most, and interior touchpoints are luxurious at every level.

You can expect the most robust menu of safety features and technology, including plenty of USB jacks, wireless device charging, and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto platforms.

What CarFax says about the 2020 Cadillac XT6

The CarFax experts weighed in on this new SUV in the Cadillac family. Unfortunately, they’re not as impressed as they had hoped to be. CarFax cites many times feeling uninspired, as other SUVs presented with nicer interiors, more tech, and more significant engine options.

The reviewers also point out other flaws that don’t mesh well with the Cadillac perfection perception, like a bouncier ride and over-sensitive dashboard buttons. They like that Cadillac is filling a customer preferred gap, with the non-behemoth third-row contender. But it feels to them like the automaker is just “checking a box” with this one.

The Cadillac XT6 is pricing itself out of the market

The base model XT6 is $54,000, with the higher-level trims commanding up to $69,000. But some are suggesting you can get more for that kind of money with class leaders like BMW and Mercedes. Other experts, including, Edmunds and MotorTrend, share some of the same sentiments that the gurus at CarFax do.

The Cadillac XT6 is nice, but not that nice. And clearly not exquisite enough to justify the higher prices. Those reviews suggest this new SUV falls short in build quality, cargo space, torque steer, and style.

Who is this SUV going to satisfy the most?

The problem with the 2020 Cadillac XT6 is that it falls short of others in luxury and extras. Yet, it still commands the higher price tags, putting it out of favor with car buyers who aren’t interested in upscale luxury either.

So, if it’s not more luxurious than the Audi Q7, the Acura MDX, or the Volvo XC90, and costs more than non-luxury model SUVs, who’s going to buy the XT6? In a way, despite being comparable, it may find itself targeting a no man’s land.

So while the Cadillac XT6 is undoubtedly a decent third-row SUV offering, it seems everyone is a little bummed that it lacks the customary Cadillac flare. And Cadillac may have filled the gap with this new sized vehicle; it may also be creating another gap.

Anyone ready to spend almost $70,000 on an SUV, can get more with a competing model. Anyone not interested in luxury can certainly get everything they need in an SUV from the non-luxury lineup. For now, it may mean that Cadillac will only be dominating this in-between space, and it’s a place no vehicle ever wants to be.


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