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Are you dreaming of a cost-effective Ram pickup truck but your family needs at least two rows of seats? Ram’s most budget-friendly truck is a newly built fourth-generation 1500 badged as the Ram “Classic.” Its MSRP is $30,695 is for a two-door regular cab. Upgrading to a quad cab bumps this to $37,055. It’s also the cheapest 4-door full-size truck available. But not by much: The 2023 fifth-generation Ram 1500 quad cab starts at $37,410, $400 cheaper than the Toyota Tundra, making it the second cheapest.

What is a Ram 1500 Classic?

When Ram redesigned its half-ton pickup truck for the 2019 model year, it did away with the two-door, regular cab configuration. It also upgraded the truck’s interior extensively and increased the MSRP. Therefore, it still builds new fourth-generation Ram 1500s badged as the “Classic” for fleet operators and budget-minded drivers.

A silver fourth-generation Ram with the cheaper quad cab configuration parked on a deserted road, a row of trees visible in the background.
2018 Ram 1500 quad cab | Stellantis

The Ram Classic doesn’t have as plush an interior or as large an infotainment screen as the regular 1500–according to Consumer Reports. It also isn’t available with the fifth-generation’s eTorque mild hybrid setup. But otherwise it does have the same engines as the current production Ram. It also has the same rear coil springs and eight-speed automatic transmission.

One main selling point of the Ram 1500 Classic is that you can still order it with a regular, two-door cab. For this reason, its MSRP is $7k lower than the Ram 1500. But if you need a 4-door pickup truck, the Ram 1500 Classic is not that much cheaper.

How much is a quad cab Ram 1500?

The MSRP of a 2023 Ram 1500 Tradesman with a “quad cab” and 6’4″ box is $37,410. The fourth-generation Ram 1500 Classic in the exact same configuration starts at $37,055. Bumping up to the larger crew cab will add $2,700 to the total of either truck.

Promo photo of a bright red Ram 1500 with a cheap quad cab configuration parked by a lake.
2023 Ram 1500 Rebel quad cab | Stellantis

The quad cab is Ram‘s smaller 4-door cab configuration. It has almost identical dimensions to the Silverado/Sierra double cab. Specifically its second row passengers get 39.2 inches of headroom, 63.4 inches of total hip room, 65.7 inches of total shoulder room, and 35.6 inches of legroom.

What do all those numbers mean in plain English? The quad cab will feel a little bit tight for most adults going more than a few miles. You’ll also need to double check that any given brand of child’s carseat will fit back there.

What’s the cheapest 4-door full-size truck?

The $37,055 Ram 1500 is currently the cheapest full-size, 4-door pickup truck available. You can currently get into a 2023 F-150 XL with Ford’s SuperCab for $38,305. But note that this configuration has rear-hinged door and a very small rear seat.

A side view of a bright blue Ram 1500 Longhorn with a crew cab configuration parked in a fire station.
2013 Ram 1500 Longhorn crew cab | Stellantis

If you want a proper, 4-door F-150, you’ll have to spring for the SuperCrew. This configuration starts at $40,640. Ford’s SuperCrew is its largest F-150 cab so comparable to the Ram’s full-size crew cab.

If you’re more of a General Motors fan, you’ll want to know that you can get into a 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 WT with the aforementioned double cab for $38,900. The full-size crew cab version has a $41,300 MSRP. You’ll pay at least $800 more for its GMC Sierra cousin.

Toyota, just like Ram’s fifth generation, currently only offers 4-door cabs. The 2023 Toyota Tundra starts at $37,865, making it quite competitive with the other 4-doors. Last but not least is the Nissan Titan. Its smallest configuration is the King Cab with rear-hinged rear doors and an MSRP of $38,810. For four proper, rear-hinged doors you’ll have to upgrade to the crew cab and dish out at least $40,580.

Next, see how Ram is bringing back the rear-hinged doors or watch the Ram Classic compared to a fifth-gen 1500 in the video below: