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There was a time when you could order most pickup trucks with an extended cab with rear-hinged doors. Over the years, rear-hinged pickup cabs were replaced by four-door cabs with smaller rear doors. But now Ram is bringing them back with its Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup truck concept.

The Ram Revolution is a preview of Ram’s 2024 electric pickup truck

Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

Ram rolled out its “Revolution” electric pickup truck concept at the 2023 Consumer Electronic’s Awards. This truck is a preview of what might be possible with a full battery electric pickup truck.

The Ram 1500 Revolution rides on the “STLA-F” chassis. This chassis is parent company Stellantis’ full-frame electric vehicle platform. It is a true full-frame like found in body-on-frame pickup trucks. A large battery pack is tucked between its frame rails. It also has two electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear.

Because this skateboard chassis is more compact than a traditional internal combustion drivetrain, it changes the way pickup trucks can be shaped. For example, the small size of the Revolution’s electric motors allowed Ram to move its firewall forward four inches. The resulting cabin is so large it has a third row of jump seats.

Another example is that the Ram Revolution has a single-level loading floor from bumper to bumper. You can drop its mid-gate and open up a “passhole” between the cab and frunk to load 18-foot long items.

The Ram Revolution has rear-hinged rear doors

The rear-hinged rear doors of a Ram Revolution EV electric concept pickup truck.
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

The front doors of the Ram Revolution are regular, front-hinged pickup doors. But the rear doors, to access the second and third row of seats, are rear-hinged.

In addition, the Ram Revolution has no B-pillar. So when you open both its front and rear doors, you create a huge opening in the side of the truck. This helps to remove the seats or center console and further open up the truck-length loading space. According to Stellantis:

Doors have been reimagined in a grand saloon style opening that showcases a cavernous occupant space without a B-pillar.

Ram Revolution press release

The Ram Revolution is not bringing back the small, rear-hinged doors from small, extended cab trucks. It is using rear-hinged doors to create an entirely new type of truck cab.

Ram’s rear-hinged doors may or may not make it into production

Ram Revolution concept truck grille
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

The Ram Revolution on display at the Consumer Electronics Show is a concept truck. While the automaker is aiming to introduce an electric pickup truck to the market by 2024, it might be fairly different from the first Ram 1500 Revolution.

Will the Ram’s rear-hinged rear doors make it into production? Possibly. They are a piece of the trucks’ design that Ram could have introduced with its fifth-generation pickup: they don’t rely on the truck being electric at all.

On the other hand, automakers have teased concept vehicles with rear-hinged rear doors that never made it to production before. Take, for example Lincoln. Because 1960s Continentals were famous for rear-hinged doors, this automaker often rolls out modern concept cars with rear hinged doors but has yet to build one.

Next, find out how the range-extended Ram Revolution will be similar to a locomotive or see the concept for yourself in the video below: