Tesla Model X Is the Worst Rated Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are on the rise and as far as a fully electric car goes, Tesla is undoubtedly one of the first that comes to mind. The new 2020 Tesla Model X is a luxury vehicle with a luxury price tag. It boasts the benefits of being electric, yet Consumer Reports doesn’t have much good to say about this Tesla model.

Other Teslas like the Model S and the Model 3 are receiving high praise and good predicted reliability ratings from CR. For instance, both of these Teslas are officially recommended by the site. But the Tesla Model X isn’t. In fact, judging by what CR has to say, things are not looking great for this luxury electric SUV.

CR recommends Tesla Model S

The Model X is an SUV, but it lacks utility

The front doors have problems, too. The CR review doesn’t like the amount of play it takes to operate the door handles. The flush handles with electric actuating doors concept is cool, but it doesn’t really work smoothly.

Tesla’s Model X is what CR calls a “showboat.” This extreme electric SUV lacks utility. Any practicality provided by its not needing any gasoline is overshadowed by the sacrifices this vehicle has made to look cool and stand out.

The Model X scored the lowest of all the electric and hybrid cars on the list. It earned a score of 57 which isn’t terrible, but it is still the worst in its class. This Tesla SUV is not competing well with the others, except for the typically Tesla technology that is fancy and state-of-the-art.

The Tesla Model X complaints

The CR list of downsides to this vehicle is pretty hefty. After the road test which scored OK with a 77, the Tesla Model X showed its more bothersome angles. The first issue was the doors.

Tesla Model X

Yes, the falcon doors are crazy cool. they’ve got that novelty that people like to show off. “Hey, I just bought this awesome Tesla, let me show you how these rad doors look so you can sit in the back seat.” But CR did not like these doors.

The are totally impractical. They take forever to go up and down, and CR is concerned about the long term reliability of such a mechanism. Though these doors and the massive windshield will make everyone look twice, the amount of clout is probably not worth the loss of practical use.

An SUV that isn’t family friendly is probably not the best SUV for nearly anyone looking into getting one. They are marketed as a family vehicle so they need to be user friendly.

The price tag and reliability

The 2020 Tesla Model X SUV costs a pretty penny, too. Driving a new on off the lot will take about $84,990 – $104,990. These electric vehicles are way too problematic for such a price tag.

The Model X has received the lowest possible reliability rating from CR every year of production. In the end, though, a one out of five predicted reliability in addition to high predicted owner satisfaction the Model X leveled out its overall score to almost 60. This is terrible compared to others on the list that are seriously less expensive but also seriously more reliable as well as recommended by CR.

Still, the Model X is probably not the car you should buy. If you do buy one, get ready for these issues.