Parking in the Shade Can Help Maximize Your EV Battery, According to Hyundai

If you’re thinking about venturing into electric vehicle territory with your next car purchase, there are a few tips you should know. You may be forgoing the routine oil change, but you’ll instead have battery maintenance to manage. There is some advice that can help you preserve the life of your car’s battery, though, and Hyundai, an automaker leading the charge in the EV industry, recently offered a few tips to do just that.

Hyundai knows a thing or two about EVs

You might immediately think of Tesla when you think of electric vehicles. However, Hyundai already has a portfolio of hybrid and EV models that consumers are buying in droves. Available this year, you might consider an Ioniq Electric or Plug-in Hybrid. Also available is the popular SUV, the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Another model turning heads is the all-new Hyundai NEXO. For Hyundai Sonata fans, there’s a Plug-in Hybrid version that you might find more appealing. It’s easy to see that Hyundai knows a thing or two about developing and producing top-notch electric vehicles.

Hyundai’s top tips to increase EV battery life

Recently, Hyundai shared some of the best tips for consumers to help extend the life of their vehicle batteries. If charging your car is a new endeavor, you might not know, for example, that it’s best not to let your battery fall below 20 percent charge on a daily basis.

It’s also recommended that owners know to charge their vehicles often, preferably every day, though it’s best to not expose the battery to the highest charging levels if it’s not necessary. Hyundai also tells new-to-EV consumers to avoid prolonged periods of heavy acceleration when driving.

Find the shadiest parking space

One of the easiest pieces of advice the South Korean automaker offers new EV owners is to avoid exposing the battery to any extreme conditions. This means don’t overcharge, over-power, or overheat your battery if you can. Much like how a cell phone can overheat in a hot car, the lithium-ion batteries powering your car can react similarly when exposed to prolonged and intense heat.

When it’s time to park your hybrid or plug-in vehicle, do your best to find a parking spot in the shade. Likewise, extreme cold or direct low-temperature exposure to the battery, can over time, reduce the battery’s lifespan. You will, of course, run into situations in which finding the ideal temperature isn’t an option. Your battery will more than likely be ok. However, making sure the routine exposure is minimum will keep your battery running and charging longer.

Vehicle maintenance is shifting as consumers care for their EVs

Buying your first electric vehicle means adopting a new schedule of regular maintenance and upkeep. Many consumers switch gears away from their traditional combustion engines to EVs because they want simpler operations and fewer trips to the pump.

According to some expert estimates, owning an EV will cost approximately one-third of the average maintenance costs of a gas-powered car. However, overworking your battery prematurely can become costly. In order to preserve the electric vehicle’s battery life, owners will need to adopt new best practices.

Some of the suggestions that Hyundai’s checklist offers may sound like common sense. That, too, is another reason owning an EV is such a popular move for consumers. It can be easy to know how to maintain one. When you venture out to buy your next hybrid or plug-in model, consider asking your dealer to walk you through a proper introduction to your car’s suggested care and maintenance.

Preserving your battery life should be a top priority. You may already be one of those people who routinely looks for the shadiest spot to park your gasoline-powered car. If so, transitioning to an EV model will only give your efforts a new purpose.