This Safari Themed Tesla Model 3 Is Wild

Tiger King, Joe Exotic, and Carole Baskin have the internet obsessed with all things safari themed. Combine that obsession with the passion of a Tesla owner, and you have one unique vehicle. Interestingly, it seems that car combination already does exist, and it’s for sale. Take a look at this safari-themed Tesla Model 3. It’s really pretty wild.

Safari Themed 2017 Tesla Model 3
Safari Themed 2017 Tesla Model 3

This Safari Themed Tesla Model 3 Is Wild

Tesla fans recently went wild on twitter over this “safari wrapped” Model 3 listing. The 2017 Tesla Model 3 was wrapped to represent a company that provides expert safari tours to Africa.

This is truly is one of a kind

Due to lockdown conditions, the owner has lowered the asking price due to the wrap not being able to be removed. The shop that applied it is also under ‘shelter-in-place’ order, and thus not able to remove the wrap. Under the wild animal wrap, the paint is pearl white. Price is adjusted down a generous $2,000 to account for the buyer to get the wrap removed and car detailed after removal.

Although you may consider leaving the wrap as is. You would be the pride of the neighborhood.

On the hood, two rhinos appear grazing and relaxing on the African plains.

More of the herd can be seen near the front badging.

Inside the vehicle, the safari theme continues. Both driver and passenger seatbacks feature curious meerkats.

Near the center cupholders, a custom console guides you with a scene of elephants.

Even the vehicle license plates are themed; YSAFARI. Perhaps the question is, ‘Why not safari?’

Interested in making this Model 3 yours? This unique listing was placed on the Facebook marketplace just this Sunday. We spoke with the owner and she confirmed it is still available.

This isn’t the only Tesla Model 3 that has a unique Safari theme

The safari theme continues, although, with a bit of a different angle, and seems to be very popular among Tesla fans. Although only a concept and not available for sale, Robb Report recently featured this Tesla Roadster Safari.

LA-based digital designer BradBuild designed was inspired by the most recent global pandemic. He told Robb Report “We are living in the apocalypse and definitely need to upgrade our driving situation.”

Solar panels have been fitted to the hood and sides, adding to the all-electric powertrain to extend the range. All-terrain tires and a vehicle lift give promise to a sense of off-roading. A steel roof rack has been added. It houses essential items for your journey and a spare tire.