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What exactly is going on with the Tesla Cybertruck? We’re starting to sense that it might be in trouble. It was delayed until 2023, but perhaps the Tesla Cybertruck faces getting canceled altogether. 

Is the Tesla Cybertruck being canceled? 

A silver Tesla Cybertruck driving around a track.
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

It’s been a wild ride for electric trucks. Elon Musk was confident that the Tesla Cybertruck would be the first electric pickup truck on the market. But then the Rivian R1T managed to come from behind and come out first. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning could beat it too. 

We’ve been keeping an eye on the Cybertruck since it was first revealed in 2019 and remained hopeful for the 2021 production timeline. Then production was delayed until 2022, and delayed again until the end of 2022. 

Luckily you only have to pay $100 for a Cybertruck reservation, or you might be a little more upset. Current reservation holders have reported that they’ve heard nothing about finalizing their orders. 

Why is the Cybertruck infomation gone? 

The Tesla Cybertruck plot thickens. The Cybertruck has been scrubbed from the official Tesla site, according to Pickup Truck Talk. The site is missing the Cybertruck’s pricing information, battery variants, and specs. 

You don’t see an image of the truck in the top navigation menu anymore, and finding the truck’s page through a side menu doesn’t provide much information. This is causing critics to wonder if the Cybertruck will be canceled. 

But it could be messy to cancel the Cybertruck now. It has about one million preorders. The $100 deposit is fully refundable if you decide to back out. However, refunding an alleged one million preorders sounds expensive. 

However, the plot thickens again. A new Tesla Cybertruck prototype was recently spotted with side mirrors. Tesla may have been testing the truck’s turning radius with rear-wheel steering. This provides hope that the truck is just being updated instead of totally scrapped. 

This is the first Cybertruck to be captured with side mirrors. Some fans don’t like the look, but the mirrors are required by law. Also, Elon Musk shared that the mirrors are designed to be easily removed. Also, the four-wheel steering could improve the turning radius and offer features similar to the Hummer EV’s crab mode. 

What to expect with the Cybertruck 

Elon Musk standing in front of Telsa Cybertruck
Elon Musk near the Tesla Cybertruck | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Here’s Why You Should Cancel Your Tesla Cybertruck Preorder

If the Tesla Cybertruck is being updated, it could have a more expensive price and have more power. It was pretty exciting for the Cybertruck to start under $40,000, but this might not be the case anymore. For example, the Tesla Model 3 now starts at around $42,000. 

Also, there are three configurations. The base model includes a single rear-wheel-drive motor with over 250 miles of range. The model with a dual all-wheel drive motor features over 300 miles of range. Last but not least, the tri-motor option with AWD features 500+ miles of range. 

We can’t say for certain what’s going on with the Cybertruck. But we hope Tesla figures it out soon. The GMC Hummer and Chevy Silverado EV could both beat it at this point. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.