a gray Honda Accord at speed on a scenic road
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People Complain About These Honda Cars the Most

Hondas are undeniably popular and reputed for reliability. However, they aren’t without a few moments that qualified for complaint. On CarComplaints.com, we can review the data. From what we’ve learned, people complain about these Honda cars the most. Honda Civic Often, CarComplaints.com will deem a “worst” model year separate form the model year with the …

A burgundy Explorer in the desert
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Most Complained About Ford Models

Ford sells a lot of cars, trucks, SUVS, and crossovers. Surely with mass production like this, not everything always turns out perfect. Sometimes owners have issues and they complain. Then, if the complaints are bad enough, some Ford consumers post their complaints on websites such as CarComplaints.com so that others can use their experience for …

a bright orange Kia Stinger GTS parked outdoors on the road with a dreamy sky in the background
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Does Hyundai Own Kia Motors of America?

Kia and Hyundai are both carmakers with models all over American roads. Each of these auto companies has roots in South Korea. Both brands have grown up over the years and today they are recognized globally. In fact, Kia won the World Car of the Year award this year, and its models top several best …

Toyota RAV4 TRD Off Roading
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The Most Complained About Toyota Models

The world loves Toyota cars, SUVs, trucks, and everything in between. The brand has an excellent reputation for dependability and reliability. Most models are tried and true. In fact, if you seek out owner reviews you’ll likely find an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for Toyota models. But they aren’t all perfect. Some models are …