The Most Complained About Toyota Models

The world loves Toyota cars, SUVs, trucks, and everything in between. The brand has an excellent reputation for dependability and reliability. Most models are tried and true. In fact, if you seek out owner reviews you’ll likely find an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for Toyota models. But they aren’t all perfect. Some models are complained about.

Workers inspect Toyota Corolla at a factory
Workers make final check of a Corolla vehicle at Toyota assembly plant | TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP via Getty Images

Not every model nor model year are created equal. Some Toyotas are complained about more than others. What are the most complained about Toyota models?

Toyota logo is seen on a Toyota 4Runner at its dealership in San Jose, California on August 27, 2019
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The Toyota Camry

On, the Toyota model overview lists each Toyota and the number of reported complaints it has added to the CarComplaints data. For the Toyota Camry, there are 3,299 complaints filed. The Camry is the most complained about Toyota.

The “Worst Model Year” is the 2009 vintage. The 2009 Toyota Camry gets more complaints in the engine problems category than for anything else. The 2009 Camry earned its spot because its problems are deemed higher in severity. But, in fact, the most complained about Toyota Camry year is the 2007. Overall, the most common complaint for the Camry is for “excessive oil consumption.”

a Toyota Camry, like this gray one driving in the countryside, is a great used car
2019 Toyota Camry | Toyota Camry


The Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 crossover SUV is the next most complained about Toyota model. The RAV4 has 2,347 complaints on The most common reported problem for the Toyota RAV4 got the highest number of complaints for the 2007 model’s “excessive oil consumption.”

The 2002 Toyota RAV4 is the model year with the most complaints. However, CarComplaints reports that the 2008 model year is, in fact, the worst. That is because the problems reported were of higher severity than the problems of other models.

A red Toyota RAV4 on display at a car dealership.
Toyota RAV4 | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla got 1,385 complaints. The worst model year the Corolla, according to CarComplaints, is the 2002. People complain about engine problems for the Corolla. Still, the official “Worst Model Year” is 2009. The most reported Corolla problem belongs to the 2002. As it turns out, the engine problems are another report of the engine using too much oil.

A white Toyota Corolla on display at an auto show
A Toyota Corolla hybrid on display | STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images

The Toyota Prius shows 1,377 complaints filed for the Toyota Prius. It is the fourth most complained about Toyota model. Its 2010 model year got the most complaints. However, the 2011 Toyota Prius got the stamp of “Worst Model Year.” The most common problem belongs to the 2007 for headlights that “randomly turn off while driving.”

the AWDe is a great example of why knowing what drivetrain and powertrain mean is important, but the prius is still complained about some
AWDe Toyota Prius | Toyota

Complaints aren’t everything

Though these are, according to CarComplaints, the most complained about Toyota models, there are other factors for consideration. These Toyota models are also the most popular. These complaints figures aren’t percentages, they are just a raw number.

If you see the complaints through this sense of reality, there’s a good chance you won’t let this data throw you off. These Toyota cars and crossover SUV are popular for a reason. There may be a few thousand complaints for these Toyota models, but millions have been sold.

A Toyota RAV4 parked in a dealership lot with other cars
Toyota RAV4 | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Although it’s not exactly fair to pass judgment on these models due to their being the most complained about Toyota models, the information is still useful. These complaints can tell you certain models to steer clear of. Plus, these problems might give you a good baseline of things to look for and questions to ask while car shopping.