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A red, low-slung, curvy sports car sits against a black background. The De Tomaso P72
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De Tomaso Automobili Moving Operations to the USA

De Tomaso is a name that might ring a bell for baby boomers. It’s an automotive manufacturing company founded in Argentina that put together American V8 horsepower with Italian design and assembly. The most iconic of its vehicles that made it to the shores of the United States was the De Tomaso Pantera. But, in …
An overhead picture of the last Pontiac Fiero ever built.
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The Very Last Pontiac Fiero Ever Made Is At Auction

The Pontiac Fiero was a wedge-shaped, mid-engine, economy, sporty car. It was introduced in the early 1980s to much fanfare. Then the cars started catching fire. Pontiac addressed the fire concerns, but the public had a long memory of the episodes. So, Pontiac kept improving the car to overcome the old bad press and make the Fiero more …
A Chevy Silverado 1500 on display at an auto show
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Does Engine Placement Really Make a Difference?

In your average vehicles, we have gotten used to cars that have their engine mounted at the front of the car. For some sports cars, like the new Chevrolet Corvette, we expect the engine to be in a different place: behind the driver. There are different variations of engine placement between standard front engine and …
The rear of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport has a large wing with Bugatti written across it
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Bugatti Delays More Affordable Model

Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann announced in November 2019 that the next vehicle it builds would be available between $550,000 and $1.1 million. That is not exactly inexpensive. But, for Bugatti, it is a far cry for their $18 million for La Voiture Noire. Today, however, the news is coming out that the anticipated entry-level Bugatti is delayed. …
Three 2020 Dodge Challengers, red, white, and blue are on the track side by side.

C8 Corvette and Dodge Demon Go to the Track, Results May Surprise

The new, mid-engine, C8 Corvette has been all of the automotive news for the last year. The newest Corvette launched just before the global COVID-19 pandemic hit the scene. So, many people that had placed orders are only now receiving them. Consequently, automotive YouTubers have only recently been able to create content with the Corvette. …
A view overlooking the front driver side of the 2018 Ford GT at auction
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Rare Ford GT Heading to Online Only Auction

The application to acquire a Ford GT new from the manufacturer requires the prospective buyer to submit a profile to the company. That profile is reviewed to see if the buyer qualifies to be a good influencer for the Ford brand. Additionally, should the purchaser be accepted into the GT family, there was also a …
Red 1983 Pontiac Fiero
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Mid-Engine Cars You Can Actually Afford

The idea of a mid-engine car can be intimidating and fun to a lot of car owners who really love having an enjoyable driving experience. When a car has an engine placed between the axels, or more commonly behind the driver and passenger, it affects the car’s balance distribution and handling, usually in a positive …
The profile of a yellow Ford GT70.

Throwback Thursday: The Ford GT70

The success of the Ford GT40 at LeMans in the 1960s, and the resultant movies, documentaries, and literature that have come out related to the model, have helped cement the car’s place in automotive history. That endurance racecar is a Ford legend. However, what is unknown is that Ford also created a GT70 model with …
An image of a
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Ferrari Enzo Sets Highest Online Auction Sale

The Ferrari Enzo is the thing of dreams. It is from Ferrari. It is named after the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. It had a carbon fiber body twenty years ago. Additionally, it was motivated by a V12. The thing of dreams indeed, and one sample of the fine Ferrari just set a record for selling via online auction. The …
1993 Chevrolet Corvette 40th anniversary

Forgotten But Affordable 1990s Two-Seaters

Many households have more than one car. Sometimes that additional car or two is for fun weekend driving or events. For those, often, a two-seater fits the “fun” requirement. Inevitably, the search will begin for an affordable one to purchase that is fondly remembered from the recent past. So, what two-seaters are out there from …
First Generation Toyota MR2

Throwback: Toyota MR2

In the early 1980s, the United States automotive industry was in a period where new smog controls had been enacted by the government, and fuel efficiency was king. In response, in late 1984, the Toyota MR2 entered the small, affordable, fun, fuel-efficient sports car space.  Toyota MR2 Introduction The MR2 was a small, sporty, mid-engined, fuel-efficient, two-seater car with …
Red 1983 Pontiac Fiero

Throwback: Pontiac Fiero

In the early 1980s, Pontiac had lost its way a bit. It was dealing with new smog regulations and realizing that the buying public was leaning toward smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles. In contrast, Pontiac was used to making larger vehicles and pushing the message that V8 power is the king. So, Pontiac would set out to …
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Mid-Engine Madness: Why Motor Location Makes All the Difference

High-end sports cars and supercars typically have at least one thing in common: they are almost always mid-engine. Porsche, Ferrari, and Lotus must have some reason for consistently engineering cars to have this platform, but few people really understand why mid-engine cars have such superior handling and performance in comparison to front-engine platforms. A car …