Rare Ford GT Heading to Online Only Auction

The application to acquire a Ford GT new from the manufacturer requires the prospective buyer to submit a profile to the company. That profile is reviewed to see if the buyer qualifies to be a good influencer for the Ford brand. Additionally, should the purchaser be accepted into the GT family, there was also a requirement from Ford that the vehicle could not be sold for two years. Well, it is now 2020, and there is a 2018 Ford GT coming up for sale through the Barrett-Jackson organization.

A view overlooking the front passenger side of the 2018 Ford GT at auction
2018 Ford GT | Barrett-Jackson

No more Ford restrictions

The car is not subject to restrictions anymore. So, during July 6-10th, Barrett-Jackson will be holding an online-only auction. Bidders will be able to acquire a certain 2018 Ford GT that is now two years old (Lot #174) without having to fear about selling it or having the ego bruised because an application was not accepted by the manufacturer. Instead, anybody that registers with Barrett-Jackson that has the financial wherewithal can stake their claim as the next owner.

A profile view of the 2018 Ford GT at auction
2018 Ford GT | Barrett-Jackson

This Ford GT

The car has just over 850 miles and is serial number 74. It has a Shadow Black finish covering the carbon-fiber body. The flat surfaces are graced with two Alloy-colored stripes that run the length of the mid-engine sportscar. Red Brembo brake calipers offer an accent color behind the 20-inch Satin Graphite wheels. 

A view of the rear of the 2018 Ford GT at auction
2018 Ford GT | Barrett-Jackson

The performance of the GT

Although not a racecar, the street versions of the GT are not that much removed from their counterparts that run on tracks. They still do zero-to-sixty sprints in under 3 seconds, top out at 216 miles per hour, and have computer-controlled active aero. Additionally, the suspension height can be adjusted up or down two inches at the turn of a knob. 

This car has a twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder, EcoBoost engine. It puts out 647 horsepower. The transmission is a seven-speed automatic.

The auction listing adds,

“In 2016 development testing the modern Ford GT showed its prowess in terms of handling, setting the all-time lap record at Virginia International Raceway. And, at Calabogie Motorsports Park in Canada, the Ford GT was faster than a McLaren 675LT and a Ferrari 458 Speciale.”

Valuations that are absurd and exciting at the same time

The original sticker price for the newest incarnations of the Ford GT started at $500,000. But, the resale values have become atmospheric in nature. Low production numbers, and the restriction on selling them for two years have their hand in that. Consequently, few become available for sale because owners love the appreciation and the fact that they own something with a race lineage that dates back over 50 years to LeMans. Right now, these rare cars are commanding over one million dollars on the few instances they actually become available. This one that is at the auction will probably be no different. 

A view of the interior of the 2018 Ford GT at auction
2018 Ford GT | Barrett-Jackson

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This Ford GT will undoubtedly receive a lot of attention from collectors, racers, and fans alike. So, expect the online-only bidding for the rare car to go up as quickly as the car’s speedometer does. Bidding will be wild.