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How Do You Know If Your Car’s Head Gasket Is Blown?

Your car’s engine is a wonderful, yet complicated air pump that runs on a mixture of gasoline, oil, and coolant. However, none of the three fluids are allowed to mix in the engine, and if they do, then there’s a likelihood that your engine’s head gasket is blown. But how do you know if it …
Ford Transit vans lined up for sale
Tips, Tricks & Trends

What’s Up With the Ford Transit’s Dead Battery Issues?

Many Ford Transit owners are familiar with this problem. Some Transits seem to suck the life out of themselves. Model year after model year of the Ford Transit’s generations show people bringing their Transits into the dealership for battery problems. But what is causing this defect? Repacing a battery over and over is like putting …
A man riding a Honda Gold Wing touring motorcycle

Honda Gold Wing Problems People Complain About the Most

The Honda Gold Wing is one of the most popular touring motorcycles in the world. It is known for its “bullet proof” reliability. There are Gold Wings on American roads today from decades ago, when they were still manufactured in on US soil in Ohio. However, the beloved Honda Gold Wing has run into a …