Broken 2020 Land Rover Defender Becomes Literally Unfixable

Last week we caught wind of The Fast Lane Car’s broken 2020 Land Rover Defender. In short, the brand-new Defender broke almost immediately after delivery. From there, it came and went from the dealership with no permanent fix in sight. However, a new update posted by The Fast Lane Car highlights that the troubled SUV has now become unfixable, warranting a complete replacement. However, things didn’t exactly improve.

This is how the broken Land Rover Defender story began

Before we dive into the newest broken Land Rover Defender updates, let’s catch up with what’s wrong so far. According to The Fast Lane Car, the team picked up the brand-new Defender toward the beginning of October. The SUV in question is a Defender 110, meaning it has four doors. Under the hood lives the base 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The thought here was to option the cheapest and most off-road capable Defender possible to create a video series.

However, problems quickly arose 200 miles after taking delivery of the Land Rover Defender when a check engine lit up. As you’d expect, the Defender headed straight to the dealership where Land Rover’s technicians were able to sort out the issue. Upon returning home from the dealership, the TFL team noticed that the SUV’s cameras were no longer working. From there, it went back to the dealership. The last update to the story had been that a special module was needed to fix the cameras, and the check engine light had returned. In response, Land Rover sent a specialized technician from the U.K. to handle the problem.

The Defender is now unfixable

The Land Rover Defender saga picks up with a new update posted by TFL over the weekend. The module needed to repair the cameras was successfully sourced for starters, and the issue was fixed. However, the check engine light came back with a vengeance, refusing to leave. According to TFL, the dealership surrendered the Defender to a specialized Land Rover corporate workshop to properly diagnose the issue. During its stay at the workshop, technicians went over the Defender’s engine entirely.

After endlessly going over the engine, TFL reports that the engineers determined that the turbo-four engine was not operating within its set parameters. Oddly enough, the issue culminated with a call from Land Rover stating the Defender needs a new engine. According to TFL, the British carmaker did no elaborate on exactly what went wrong, just that the issue was unfixable.

To remedy the issue, TFL reports that Land Rover offered three options. The first was to have an all-new 2.0-liter engine installed. The second was to do a complete refund of the transaction. Lastly, TFL was reportedly offered the chance to pick out a new Defender. However, this is where things become even more complicated.

The dealership damaged the replacement SUV

A Land Rover Defender is on display at the showroom opening of the "Land Rover and Jaguar" brands
The Land Rover Defender | Gerald Matzka/picture alliance via Getty Images

The 2020 Land Rover Defender Has 1 Major Flaw

For the sake of The Fast Lane Car’s YouTube channel, the team opted to receive a replacement Land Rover Defender. However, to not confuse viewers, the team opted for a blue SUV rather than the white they started with. Land Rover quickly sourced a new SUV and sent it to the local dealership. The puzzle’s final piece was to have the optional winch installed by the dealership before the team officially took delivery.

However, this decision proved fatal for the second TFL Land Rover Defender. That’s because, during the installation of the winch, TFL reports that a technician accidentally cut through a vital wiring harness. As you’d expect, this isn’t fixable, and so the second TFL Defender also had to be replaced.

As it stands, The Fast Lane car doesn’t have a Land Rover Defender. The team is currently working on securing its third Defender, ideally sometime before Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the third time’s the charm, and this new Defender is also the last.