Broken 2020 Land Rover Defender Owner Ditches The Four-Cylinder

After weeks of back and forth, several broken SUVs and mysterious mistakes, it seems the broken 2020 Land Rover Defender saga could come to an end. What began as a few minor issues just a few weeks ago quickly turned into a Defender nightmare. Thankfully, The Fast Lane Car just uploaded a brand-new video covering the arrival of its third and hopefully last brand-new Defender.

There are actually a couple of broken Land Rover Defender’s

In case you’re new to this ongoing broken Land Rover Defender saga, here’s a quick recap. In early October, The Fast Lane Car took delivery of its first Defender. Overall it was a base model SUV equipped with only the optional extras needed to go off-roading properly. Under the hood lived the base 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine developing 296 hp.

After covering just 200 miles, the Land Rover Defender’s dashboard began showing a check engine light. From there, the SUV went off to the dealership to get the issue resolved. Upon returning to The Fast lane Car’s offices, the team noticed that the high-tech camera system was no longer working. After returning to the dealership, Land Rover determined that a special module was needed to fix the issue. Unfortunately, the check engine light returned, and it couldn’t be resolved.

After sending over a specialized technician to fix the broken Defender, Land Rover took the SUV to its specialized workshop. After some time, Land Rover determined that the off-roader was literally unfixable. In response, TFLC was offered the opportunity to get a replacement SUV sent over. In response, TFLC agreed, and one was quickly sourced. During a dealership install of an optional winch, a technician accidentally cut a vital wiring harness. As a result, the second Defender became unfixable.

It took three brand-new Defender’s and an engine swap

Which brings us neatly to this newest broken Land Rover Defender update. After two broken SUVs, The Fast Lane Car finally took delivery of its new and hopefully reliable SUV. However, this third Defender is drastically different than the very first one. Instead of costing around $55,000, this new SUV cost just over $71,000. It is worth noting that in response to the issues, Land Rover covered the price difference between the SUVs. Given all of the base engine’s troubles, TFLC opted for a Defender equipped with the optional 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder engine developing 395 hp.

Aside from the new engine, this Land Rover defender includes more on-road creature comforts such as heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and partial leather seats. As a result, the steel wheels, locking differentials, and other off-roading goodies are no longer onboard. Regardless, this should make TFLC’s video series even more interesting because this is the trim level normal consumers are more likely to purchase, says TFLC.

Will it be smooth sailing from now on?

Blue 2021 Land Rover Defender Hard Top 110 panel van driving down a country road
2021 Land Rover Defender Hard Top 110 | Land Rover

The Jeep Wrangler Just Can’t Keep up With the Land Rover Defender

While The Fast Lane Car certainly wants to move past its Land Rover Defender issues, they may not be over. In the newest update video, a warning message appeared shortly after starting the SUV, indicating a fault with the suspension. Thankfully, turning the vehicle on and off quickly got rid of the warning. However, it serves as a potential hint of other gremlins lurking just beneath the surface. Aside from the complex air-suspension, the engine in this new Defender features a mild hybrid system.

The result is that while the base Land Rover Defender engine is just a turbocharged four-cylinder, this upgraded six-cylinder features greater mechanical complexities. However, given how Land Rover has gone above and beyond to fix all issues, any potential mishaps will probably be dealt with quickly. Regardless, now we get the unique privilege of comparing the reliability of two available powertrains.