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Ken Miles' 1965 Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang prototype in white with blue racing stripes
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2 Rare Classic Shelby GT350 Mustangs Are Coming up for Sale

While it’s sadly set to bow out soon, the current Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang is a worthy heir to the original’s name. The first Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang came on the heels of the original Cobra and Daytona Coupe. It was the Cobra and GT350 that established Carroll Shelby’s relationship with Ford. A relationship that …
Shelby GT350
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Mustang Burns To the Ground at Track, Caught on Film

Adam LZ is a popular automotive Youtube channel. It has over 2.8 million subscribers. In the channel, Adam chronicles the development of different vehicle projects. Recently, he took his 2017 Ford Mustang GT350 to the track and had a friend drive it around. Sadly, the Mustang caught fire. Of course, being a Youtube channel, there …
1967 MG MGB GT Special

The MGB GT Could Out-Race the Original Shelby GT350

The heir to the most iconic British sports car isn’t the Morgan 3-Wheeler. It’s not the Caterham Seven or the BAC Mono. Instead, it’s the Mazda Miata that draws the most inspiration from classic British roadsters. And back in the 60s, the most popular British roadster was the MG MGB. In fact, up until the …