A blue-with-white-stripes 2020 Shelby American Ford Mustang GT500 Special Edition on a racetrack
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Shelby’s Giving the Mustang GT500 Even More Power

When it comes to power, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 isn’t exactly short of it. But the new Dodge Challenger Super Stock has even more. And even though it’s not as popular, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE is the Shelby GT500’s match on the track. The new Shelby American Ford Mustang GT500 and GT350 Special …

A white 2021 Mustang Mach I flanked by the original 1969 Mach Is in red and blue
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Why Do People Love To Hate Mustangs?

Mustangs seem to be one of the most polarizing cars on the market. Whether its a classic car shows or modern-day muscle meets, people are either excited to see a Mustang, or they couldn’t care less that it’s even there. With all of the heritage Ford has put into Mustang, it’s hard to imagine why …

Shelby GT350
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Mustang Burns To the Ground at Track, Caught on Film

Adam LZ is a popular automotive Youtube channel. It has over 2.8 million subscribers. In the channel, Adam chronicles the development of different vehicle projects. Recently, he took his 2017 Ford Mustang GT350 to the track and had a friend drive it around. Sadly, the Mustang caught fire. Of course, being a Youtube channel, there …

1967 MG MGB GT Special

The MGB GT Could Out-Race the Original Shelby GT350

The heir to the most iconic British sports car isn’t the Morgan 3-Wheeler. It’s not the Caterham Seven or the BAC Mono. Instead, it’s the Mazda Miata that draws the most inspiration from classic British roadsters. And back in the 60s, the most popular British roadster was the MG MGB. In fact, up until the …