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The orange Gordon Murray T.50s Niki Lauda

The Gordon Murray T.50s Niki Lauda Is a Birthday Tribute To a Legend

When the designer of the McLaren F1 announces he’s making a new hypercar, you pay attention. Such was the case last year when Gordon Murray unveiled the T.50. However, as technologically incredible as that car is, Murray hinted that something even more extreme was coming. And now, it’s finally here, baring a name many Formula …
Jay Leno in his Light Car Company Rocket on a California mountain road

Before the McLaren F1, Gordon Murray Made a Rocket

Even if his latest work, the T.50, hadn’t been well-received, Gordon Murray would always be remembered for the McLaren F1. While it’s no longer the fastest production car in the world, it’s still the fastest naturally-aspirated production car. But even outside its top speed, the McLaren F1 is a marvel of 90s auto engineering. However, …

Gordon Murray’s T.50 Surpasses McLaren F1 He Designed

Gordon Murray, the South African designer, probably never thought he’d get the chance to out design what is considered his Mona Lisa; the McLaren F1. But he is on the verge of producing what could surpass the F1. This time it won’t be through McLaren but instead with his own Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA). Those …