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  • Gordon Murray builts a $2 million Ferrari-killer
  • The GMA T.33 has a naturally-aspirated V12 that revs to 11,000 RPM
  • Murray offers both a manual and automatic transmission in his newes supercar

Car journalists (me) love to complain the current crop of supercars and sports cars are “too fast for the street.” Well, here’s another one. It’s got 607 hp and costs $1.85 million. But there’s going to be a distinct lack of complaining here. Because the legendary designer of the McLaren F1 built it. Long live Gordon Murray and the GMA T.33. It’s not just a Ferrari-killer, it’s an everything-killer.

A shadowy profile shot of the GMA T.33 supercar
Gordon’s new supercar learns from the ever-present Mclaren F1 | Gordon Murray Automotive

Gordon Murray puts McLaren F1 DNA in his Ferrari-killer

First, a brief aside. If you don’t know who Gordon Murray is, that’s ok. To all but the nuttiest of gearheads (again, me), the automotive designer is no household name. His biggest claim to fame is the bonkers McLaren F1 supercar, the standard against which all others are held. He recently started up his own automotive firm, churning out the F1’s successor: the GMA T.50.

Now, the T.50’s “more accessible” sibling has arrived. It uses a carbon fiber monocoque similar to that in the F1. But, because of its more normal side-by-side driving position, the front end is totally new. Murray told Carfection that nothing on the new GMA T.33 doesn’t have a purpose, fitting with his Lotus-like design philosophy, which favors lightweight construction over all else. As a result, the GMA T.33 only weighs 2,400 lbs.

12,000 RPM and a manual transmission: what more do you want?

A 3/4 shot of a silver GMA T.33 supercar in an underground car park
Gordon Murray’s new supercar is built to hunt million-dollar Ferraris | Gordon Murray Automotive

Powering this lightweight Ferrari-killing supercar is a mid-mounted 65-degree 4.0L naturally-aspirated V12 engine. It produces 607 hp and revs to 11,100 RPM. Basically, it’s a vintage Formula 1 engine hand-built by Cosworth. It’s quite a special powerplant, hooked up to something even more special: a manual transmission. However, GMA also decided they were going to offer a paddle-shifted automatic should you want one (you don’t).

Now, all those numbers mean nothing if this supercar won’t go ’round a corner and come out facing the right way. So, the T.33 is engineered with control arms that bolt directly to the gearbox, mounted at the rear. That’s to help with weight distribution. The weight of that mildly prolapsed ‘box is also there to help translate the supercar’s 670 hp into acceleration, not tire smoke.

A $1.8 million price tag isn’t “accessible” for a supercar

The GMA T.33's V12 engine on a stand against a white background
The small-displacement V12 revs to 11,100 RPM | Gordon Murray Automotive

Gordon calls the T.33 more accessible. To be fair, the 33’s $1.85 million price tag is a good bit cheaper than the $3 million GMA T.50. While neither of those numbers is even close to accessible in the true sense of the word, it’s good to see Gordon making an effort to put more of his genius into people’s hands. Now what we’d really love to see is a $50,000 T.33 with a manual transmission. Until then, you can find me buying lotto tickets.


The GMA T.50, Gordon Murray’s McLaren F1 Successor Makes Its V12-Powered Debut