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Formula 1 is the fastest regulated racing globally with aerodynamic downforce to create an agile and fast driving experience that is fun to watch. With a record top speed of 231.4 mph, these cars are designed to go fast. The power lies in their weight ratio. The same driver Valtteri Bottas reached another record while warming up at 234.9 mph.

With the changes to Formula 1 in 2021 and the addition of the car’s wing that helps drivers use to overtake better in 2022, racing has become very exhilarating. There are even ways to purchase these cars at auction, though they can be rather expensive.

Though the cars are very fast, there are plenty of safety technologies that save lives. These advanced technologies aid not only in safety but in other aspects as well. For example, the cars are much heavier than you may think, but they are still speedy and powerful due to their designs. One undeniable thing is how fun it is to watch.

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