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Quick Tips To Sanitize Inside Your Car

Whether its COVID-19 or flu season, we aren’t always great about keeping the inside of our cars clean and sanitized. When we are on the go, we don’t typically stop to wash our hands just to get into our car, but that isn’t the only way we collect germs. From the seats to the dashboard …
A banner in front of a dealership says, sales by appointment only.
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Unit Sales of Vehicles This Year Still Stronger than 2009

This year’s global COVID-19 pandemic has been an economic nightmare for automotive manufacturers. But, as bad the lost COVID-19 sales have been this year, the total amount of unit sales is still outpacing the economic recession of 2008 and 2009. So, maybe it is not as bad as it seems. 2008-2009, the Great Recession takes …
2019 Chevrolet Silverado SSV police pickup
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Man Takes Out Loan, Buys Cars, Ends Up Facing Jail Time

A lot of people line up whenever the government announces a new program to provide help for people in need. Most of those in the line are the people in need whom the government wants to help. However, every once in awhile, there is a bad apple that sneaks in line to take advantage of …
Drifter in a parking lot
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Hooners Leave Church Parking Lot Painted in Donuts, Church Invites Them Back

Hooning is the name given in the automotive world for people showboating, or worse, acting recklessly in their cars for the entertainment of onlookers. Unfortunately, hooners sometimes get carried away and start damaging things or properties. That is the case with a group of car enthusiasts that gathered in a church parking lot recently. Thankfully, …
A high school senior in cap and gown arrives at his graduation at Daytona International Speedway
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Pandemic High School Graduations: Victory Lap at Daytona International Speedway

March 13th was the last day of classes for the high school graduating classes of Matanzas, Flagler Palm Coast High School, and First Baptist Christian Academy. The global COVID-19 pandemic stunted the scheduled class instruction, forcing students to finish their school year through online means. Though their proms and athletic seasons were also affected, their …
Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction at Mohegan Sun Arena Connecticut
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Automotive Auction House Manheim To Go Online-Only Permanently

Manheim is a huge and respected automotive auction industry company. They have been around for decades and have changed to keep up with the times. Well, as the Bob Dylan song says, the times, they are a changing. The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the auction business, and now, Manheim is changing again too. The rest of the …
View of the drive-in screen from inside a vehicle at night time
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Drive Your Car into Miami Dolphins Stadium for a Movie

During the global pandemic response to COVID-19, venues that are used to hosting large crowds have been left scrambling to make their locations attractive to consumers. Social distancing, of course, has made it difficult, but imaginative marketers have still found ways to make stadiums and racetracks a go-to destination. For example, earlier this month, Daytona International Speedway announced …
A campsite set up next to an RV
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RV Sales Spike During COVID-19 Lockdown

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and staying home became the things everybody was required to consider. After a while of being home, however, people have started getting cabin fever. So, many people planned their vacations. Car Camping, Overlanding, and anything else having to do with getting out but still being distant from others have …
Front view of a white Tesla Model S
Hybrids & Electrics

Tesla Is Cutting Prices to Kickstart Restart After Lockdown

It is no secret that the global economy took a pretty significant hit during the worldwide pandemic lockdown due to COVID-19. It is well documented that the automotive industry was hurt as well. Automotive sales and production were off dramatically due to dealership and plant closures. Now that the manufacturers are slowly starting their factories …
2019 Ram Power Wagon Crew Cab

Truck Sales Outpace All Others During Pandemic

For the month of April, the automotive industry took a huge loss in sales. Although companies offering sales online did not suffer as much as brick and mortar companies, there were still significant shortfalls. The interesting thing though, is that during the global pandemic lockdown, sales of trucks dominated other vehicles for the few sales there actually were. It’s …
Black and Silver Goodwrench Chevrolet driven by Dale Earnhardt Sr.
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Dale Earnhardt Sr’s Racecar Sells to Benefit COVID-19 Efforts

Last week I posted a story about Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s racecar going to auction. Mr. Earnhardt was a former NASCAR racing champion. Week in and week out, he would be one of the top contenders either for the individual race win or the overall season win. He was a mainstay on the NASCAR circuit. But he had a tragic death at …
Cannonball Run Movie Cast
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Cannonball Run Record Broken Seven Times in Five Weeks

The Cannonball Run record has been broken again this year. The outlaw, non-stop, coast-to-coast race, is always run under secrecy to avoid potential disruption by law enforcement. But a reliable source familiar with past Cannonball Run efforts, and acquainted with some of the teams, has confirmed that the record set last month of 26 hours 38 minutes has been broken multiple …
Ford pickup trucks at dealership
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Pandemic Automotive Battle, Online Sales vs In-Person Sales

In 2012 a company called Carvana launched a dealership network with the aim of providing consumers the opportunity to purchase their next used vehicle through a totally online experience. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, the company has done better than most, proving that people are increasingly open to the online sales business model. When Carvana launched, they did …
NASCAR starting line
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Daytona International Speedway to Host Pandemic Graduations

Many high school seniors this year have had the misfortune of missing most of their school year in exchange for a lockdown due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Also, due to regional lockdown, many of those same seniors are not going to be able to have a normal timely graduation. But, the folks at NASCAR …
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Need an Excuse to Drive Your Car? Volunteer for Meals on Wheels

Many of us have endured weeks of stay-at-home orders to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. We’ve kept our cars parked or performed routine car care in the driveway, maybe even made car washing a family activity once or twice. Truth be told, virtual road trips are no comparison for truly being behind the …
Lincoln Park Police Department
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Driving While Wearing an N95 Mask Can Be Incredibly Dangerous

Safety behind the wheel is always important. Auto manufacturers are constantly addressing vehicle safety but nothing replaces critical thinking and careful driving. Distracted driving is still at the top of the list for accidents along with drinking and driving. However, in light of our new normal, some new hazards are being identified. Driving While Wearing an N95 Mask Can Be …
Ferrari 812 Superfast in red
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Ferrari’s Five-Year Plan In Jeopardy

I recently posted about how Ferrari switched from the production of cars to the production of parts to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, they fired up their production lines to create pieces for scuba masks to be converted into respirators. But, manufacturers across the automotive industry have begun talking about resuming vehicle production, as has Ferrari. In fact, Ferrari …
The interior of a Tesla Model X
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COVID-19 Has Designers Rethinking Car Interiors

COVID-19 has caused the world to pause, including car designers. What they have realized is that now more than ever, a swelling amount of people are viewing their car as their sanctuary. Consequently, designers are rethinking how that sanctuary will look in the future, and how to make it more sanctuary-like.  In the words of the designers In …
A Speedometer Reading 130
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The Number of Triple-Digit Speeding Tickets Issued Balloons

Every driver has at one time, or another fantasized about flooring the throttle on an open road. Reality keeps us from doing it. There are other people on the roads, some roadways that aren’t built for speed, maintenance of roadways could be questionable, the maintenance of our own cars or even our own questionable skills …