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View of a Chrysler automobile's interior features with the sun shining through the window
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The Car Radio Has Been Around Way Longer Than You Think

One thing many drivers would argue is a necessity in a vehicle is a good infotainment system. There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite music or podcasts on road trips or the daily commute. But these elaborate, high-tech features are very different from what they once were. It all began with the humble car …
The BMW i8 in the Joe Macari Performance Cars Showroom. The BMW i8 was designed by Benoit Jacob and the production model was unveiled at the 2013 International Motor Show in Germany. It features butterfly doors, head-up display, rear-view cameras and partially false engine noise
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Is a Head-Up Display an Essential Car Feature?

Automobile safety and convenience are among the areas that apply technological innovations. Some manufacturers include features like backup cameras as standard features while some keep costs down in base models and provide advanced technologies as added features. Because technology continues to advance in the automotive industry, a wide range of futuristic trends are the norm, …
Porsche 718 Cayman in a desert scape
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These Modern Cars Definitely Won’t Spoil You With Too Many Features

A Reddit user recently posed a question on the social media platform: What modern cars are laughably unequipped from the factory? The user went on to explain that their vehicle was in the shop. They were currently driving their sibling’s SUV, the 2010 Jeep Patriot, which had neither power locks nor power windows. Other users chimed in about the features …
recaro seat against a white backdrop
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You Don’t Know What You’re Missing Without a Recaro Upgrade

Recaro’s race technology graces some of the most impressive vehicles in the motorsports industry. Recaro seats are featured in some iconic models from trucks to sports cars. But you can also go for the aftermarket upgrade. If you value the driver-car connection, a Recaro upgrade may be exactly what you’re missing. Recaro car seats are …
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Want to Soak up the Summer Sun? Check out These Sunroofs

The weather is already warm in some areas of the country, but many of us aren’t able to get out and enjoy the summer like we typically would be this summer due to social distancing. If you are longing to feel the sun on your skin, taking a drive in a car with a sunroof …
The engine ignition start/stop button of a Volkswagen XL1 plug-in diesel-electric hybrid automobile
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5 Underrated Features That Are Taken for Granted

It seemed like only yesterday that power windows and air conditioning were considered a luxury in most cars. Believe it or not, necessities like anti-lock brakes and airbags were even options in most cars during the early 90s. However, the automotive industry as a whole has stepped up its game in the past couple of …
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3 Things That Make New Cars More Annoying

Outside of the classic-car-collector hobbies, many people appreciate the quirks and features offered with today’s modern cars. The availability of technology has made cars safer and given owners a lot of features we love to use, but that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t actually annoying. In fact, some new car features give us such …
Cruise control on steering wheel
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Car Features We Don’t Really Need or Want

Modern-day cars have what seems like an endless amount of features to make your drive safer, more comfortable, and sometimes even just more fun. There are some features that are offered that sound way cooler than they actually turn out to be, and some of them are actually quite useless. Voice Control I’m not here …