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Why are cars getting more expensive? Because they have more technology and features than ever before. Some car features make sense and help us stay safer on the road. Others are purely useless and only add to the price. You might think some of the useless car features are cool but are they worth you spending more for that vehicle? Let’s look at some items you really don’t need in your car.

1. Paddle Shifters are among the most useless car features

Paddle Shifters in a Dodge Charger
Paddle Shifters in a Dodge Charger | Dodge

The only purpose of paddle shifters is to give drivers of automatics the feeling of a manual transmission. Couple this uselessness with the fact that most cars with paddle shifters also have CVTs, and you see the problem. CVTs don’t even have actual gears and try to fool you with false gear shifting. Most drivers hardly ever use paddle shifters but pay extra to have them.

2. Cars don’t need Suicide Doors

Suicide Doors on a blue luxury car
Suicide Doors | Wiki Commons

Suicide doors are a set of doors that are hinged opposite each other. This means the front door opens traditionally, and the rear door is hinged at the rear and opens in that direction. Unless the B-pillar is removed from the vehicle, these doors are useless. According to Motor Junkie, these doors open wide and make parking difficult. They are usually seen on high-end cars meant to arrive at an event in style.

3. The lack of safety made Interlocking Seat Belts one of the most useless car features

Interlocking Seat Belt in a 1990 Honda Civic
Interlocking Seat Belt in a 1990 Honda Civic | Honda

Those seat belts that ran along a track in the door with a lap belt that latched separately didn’t last very long. These interlocking seat belts put safety in question for the passengers in any car. Drivers often forgot to buckle the bottom portion, causing more serious injuries and deaths in cars with these belts.

4. Why do we have Headlight Wipers?

Headlight Wipers were some of the most useless car features ever made
Headlight Wiper | Wiki Commons

Headlight wipers are only effective for any vehicle when you’re off-roading and get mud on the headlights. That is when these wipers can clear the mud and give you the light you need. Otherwise, those luxury cars with headlight wipers simply take more money for something you don’t need. In addition to this being one of those useless car features, if they break, that’s more stuff you have to fix that you shouldn’t have to.

5. Car Phones were the epitome of uselessness in cars

Car Phone in a 1990s Lexus
Car Phone in a 1990s Lexus | Lexus

How many people in the ‘80s had car phones? Sure, these phones were sensationalized in movies from the decade, and some wealthy business owners had them, but who were they calling? Surely, they weren’t calling other business owners in cars. So few people had these car phones that they became a symbol of opulence and not actual usefulness in cars.

6. Who truly needs Soft-Close Doors? What a useless car feature!

Soft-Close Doors Audi Q7
Soft-Close Doors Audi Q7 | Audi

How do you protect your doors from becoming damaged when slammed shut? Don’t slam them in the first place. Some luxury cars have come with soft-close doors, which is easily one of the most useless car features you’ll find. These doors have a vacuum seal that eventually breaks down, and there goes the soft-close part of the feature. The original idea was to save the paint on the doors, but this feature doesn’t do anything to protect the paint. Don’t slam your doors; problem solved.

What useless car features can you think of?

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