Ford’s SYNC 4 System Will Help You Find the Cheapest Gas Stations

It’s been a while since Ford updated and released its SYNC infotainment system, but in a year full of overhauls for the brand, Ford is ready to show the world a new and updated SYNC 4. Not just newer and better, Ford’s new SYNC 4 is aimed at making life easier for its customers, and save them money in the process. Here’s a look at Ford’s newest SYNC 4 technology and when you can get a glimpse of it yourself.

Ford’s newest SYNC 4 aims to help drivers save time and money

In an effort to keep its vehicles at the top of every new-car shopper’s lists, Ford is completely overhauling its SYNC infotainment system. While Ford’s SYNC system served consumers appropriately in recent years, the brand must keep offering more technology and features to keep buyers interested. And when compared to the offerings of other brands, Ford may have even been considered behind the game. But its newest SYNC 4 system will offer more to drivers than ever before by focusing on providing nearly every service under the sun, including saving drivers time and money.

According to Car and Driver, Ford’s new SYNC 4 system will be a complete overhaul of the old SYNC 3. And just one of SYNC 4’s coolest abilities will be to “find open parking and compare gas prices.” The new SYNC system will use real-time data to show drivers available/open parking spots in the area, the cheapest places to get fuel, and even where to find the nearest charger for your EV.

It will include information on parking fees, occupancy, and restrictions as well. This real-time parking and gas data will be available in “nearly 20,000 cities in 150 countries.”

Which new vehicles will come with SYNC 4?

As with all of Ford’s vehicles in the past, the newest SYNC 4 will eventually be available as standard equipment on all vehicles. But the first vehicles rolling out to customers with SYNC 4 will be the new Ford Bronco (two- and four-door), the F-150, and the much-anticipated Mustang Mach-E. In fact, the first vehicle slotted to leave the lot with the new SYNC 4 system is the 2021 F-150, available in the fall of 2020.

The SYNC 4 system will be available as a standard feature, but the navigation with real-time data (including gas and parking features), is considered an optional feature. The standard SYNC system will be referred to as simply SYNC 4, while buyers opting for navigation and data will receive the SYNC 4A system.

New Ford SYNC system means new technology


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With so many competitive brands on the market, Ford needed modern technology to take its vehicles to the next level. And although the exact details of the SYNC 4 system are currently unknown, Ford did announce that the new system will accompany bigger infotainment screens as well as more integrated technology. According to Ford, SYNC 4 screen options will range from 8-15.5 inches.

The SYNC 4 system will provide data and on-the-go information to its drivers through the use of an analytics company, INRIX. SYNC 4 will use machine learning to customize itself to the driver, making suggestions based on any previous usage. According to J.D. Power, the new SYNC 4 will allow for wireless integration of Android, Apple, and other devices for the first time.

It will also accompany the likes of many other brands by offering an over-the-air update system, meaning drivers can receive system updates automatically and without going to a dealer. This also allows for cloud-connected navigation and a more enhanced voice recognition system.