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2021 Trailblazer parked on city street

Is the Chevy Warranty Package Any Good?

Ahh. A new car. It wreaks of new car smell, has under 1000 miles on it, and feels secure with that factory warranty. A new car warranty lends a little extra peace of mind as you cruise around in your new Chevrolet vehicle. At least it should. Does Chevy offer a good warranty package? Some …
Mark Reuss, President of General Motors, announces that GMs Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant will build the all-electric Cruise Origin self-driving shuttle

Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford Models That Achieve 40 MPG or More

I have recently had an interest in different automotive models that are rated as achieving forty miles-per-gallon or more. In previous posts, I have covered the Toyota models that achieve that goal, as well as those models from Hyundai. Out of curiosity, I started to look around at the big three American manufacturer websites to see how their …