Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford Models That Achieve 40 MPG or More

I have recently had an interest in different automotive models that are rated as achieving forty miles-per-gallon or more. In previous posts, I have covered the Toyota models that achieve that goal, as well as those models from Hyundai. Out of curiosity, I started to look around at the big three American manufacturer websites to see how their models were doing in their quest for high fuel efficiency. I was stunned to find a lack of new models that achieve forty miles-per-gallon or more.

A gas pump at a station
A gas pump at a station | Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Wasted Money and Time

Making fewer stops at gas stations is a desire all drivers have. The inconvenience of interrupting work commutes or family trips to fill the tank of the vehicle can be a downer if the process is repeated often. Each stop means more money out of people’s wallets. It also means longer than necessary trips. It is another five minutes or more blown from the impossibly tight schedule commuters already have. 

To take the sting out of the wallet and shorten trips, manufacturers have made it their quest to create more fuel-efficient vehicles. Government regulations have also encouraged manufacturers to do so quickly. That is why the automotive market today houses the traditional gasoline engines, as well as gasoline-hybrid systems, plug-in hybrid systems, and fully electric vehicles. There have even been manufacturers exploring three-wheeled vehicles as another way of reaching higher fuel efficiency, such as the offerings from Electra-MechanicaElio, and Sondors. Needless to say, over the years some manufacturers are having more success than others in raising the fuel mileage ratings, or in offering full electrification. 

Charging your electric vehicle battery
A plug of a charging station is connected | Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images

Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford have seen the need to pursue greater efficiencies, especially since Tesla, the other major American manufacturer, is making great headway. However, according to the Chevy, Ford, and Dodge websites, they currently don’t have many offerings reaching forty miles-per-gallon. In fact, Dodge has zero vehicles in its lineup achieving it. They are effectively left behind by Toyota and Hyundai. 

That, of course, will change. All three manufacturers will eventually have more models reaching what is now the elusive forty miles-per-gallon goal for them. Not to do so would mean that the government would fine them for having low corporate average fuel economy ratings, each year until they improve. The big three like to make money, not pay it in penalties. But for now, here is the list of those vehicles that already achieve forty miles-per-gallon or more. It is a brief list.

The Short List

Chevrolet Bolt Plug-In Electric

  • The Bolt is a subcompact car, front-wheel drive, five-door hatchback. 
  • 127 City / 108 Highway MPGe
  • Starting price: $36,620
Red 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV
Red 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV | Chevrolet

Ford Escape Hybrid

  • The Escape is a compact crossover, available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive, four-door hatchback.
  • 44 City / 47 Hwy (front-wheel drive) or 43 City / 47 Hwy (all-wheel drive)
  • Starting price: $28,255
2020 Ford Escape Hybrid SE
Blue Ford Escape Hybrid SE | Ford

Ford Fusion Hybrid

  • The Fusion Hybrid is a midsize, front-wheel drive, four-door sedan.
  • 43 City / 41 Hwy
  • Starting price: $28,000
2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Silver 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE | Ford

Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid

  • Like its twin above, the Fusion Plug-In Hybrid is a midsize, front-wheel drive, four-door sedan.
  • 109 City / 97 Hwy MPGe 
  • Starting price: $35,000

It is interesting to note that Dodge does not currently have vehicles that achieve forty miles-per-gallon. However, later in 2020, and into 2021 the Jeep lineup will be adding hybrid capability across several models. Since Jeep is owned by the same company, Dodge will no doubt see the hybrid technology start to filter into its own lineup pretty quickly thereafter.