A black Vincent Black Shadow
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The Vincent Black Shadow Was the Real First Superbike

Long before the Hayabusa, riders turned to British motorcycles for speed and new technology. In the 20s, the Brough-Superior SS100 went faster than many cars. And in the 60s, café racers roamed the streets trying to do ‘the ton.’ The 70s, though, saw the rise of Japanese bikes, beginning with the Honda CB750, often considered …

A green restored 4 1/2 Litre Blower Bentley
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The Original Bond Car, the Blower Bentley, Is Back

Aston Martins are James Bond’s usual wheels of choice. At least, in the films. But in the original books, Bond drove a Bentley. Specifically, one of the sportiest pre-war (pre-WWII) cars the British automaker produced: the 4 ½ Litre Blower Bentley. And now, just like Jaguar and Aston Martin before it, Bentley is making some …

A blue 1911 Pierce-Arrow Four with yellow tires
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The Pierce-Arrow Four is a $225,000 American Antique Motorcycle

It’s very possible to spend six figures on a motorcycle these days. Not just on a new bike, but on classic, vintage, and antique models, too. Especially when it comes to motorcycles that offered high-performance or cutting-edge technology in their day. And the 1911 Pierce-Arrow Four that recently sold for almost a quarter-million dollars has …

Lamborghini LM002
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What’s the Real Difference in a Classic and Vintage Truck?

Classic pickups are becoming more popular. Whether it’s the increasingly expensive luxuries offered on modern trucks or visions from Instagram off-roaders, isn’t precisely clear. But the older trucks’ simpler designs, while important to keep in mind, clearly play into it. But as these trucks’ presence becomes more prevalent, there might be a growing issue to …