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Recently Youtube’s Mr. Goodpliers released 90 minutes of footage, showing a forest full of abandoned antique vehicles. It’s not just cars though. Trucks, tractors and trailers occupy every sizable gap. It’s a series of videos depicting Mr. Goodpliers and a companion, romping through dense forest stumbling over these vehicles, some rusting away, others with giant holes in the sides, but all are either classic, antique, or vintage.

He states it’s the work of a hoarder. In his second and third videos of this abandoned car lot, he is able to retrieve a couple of these vehicles. Based on license plates and business logos slapped on the sides of some of these vehicles, it’s possible to ascertain this lot exists in Kansas.

The collection depicts a history of farming

Several vehicles that were found suggest a farmer owned them at some point. Mr. Goodpliers comes across a flatbed Chevy from the late 1940s to early 1950s, several tractors, and International Harvester pickup trucks. This was a manufacturer that only built vehicles for farming. They used AMC inline-six and V8 engines, from 3.8-liters to 6.6.

Goodpliers found various parts of large trucks strewn around the area, as well as an abandoned military troop carrier truck. He also finds an all-wheel drive Eagle, a compact passenger car from the 1980s. AMC sold it as a coupe, sedan, hatchback, convertible, and station wagon. They also found random antiques like an old gas pump, a house, a school bus, and piles of tires.

Goodpliers also found a 1969 Datsun 1500, a pickup truck with an inline-four. In Japan they were known as the Datsun 521, succeeded by the Nissan D21 in 1985. The oddball of this lot appears to be a Chevy Corvair, a compact rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive coupe. Although, a classic Volkswagen Bug was also there, almost completely swallowed by trees. Oldsmobiles, Volvos, and an AMC Rambler were almost buried under trees as well. The lot seemed to go on forever. Eventually, night fell and they had to vacate the lot.

Retrieving the 1962 F100 Unibody

Goodpliers returned to the lot during the day to rescue a 1962 F100 Unibody a week later. A tree had grown inside of the truck, but it was in good enough shape to rescue from the woods. They started by jacking up the front and discovered tree roots had grown around the axles. 

Goodpliers and co. used ratcheting straps chained to a modern full-size pickup truck to pull it out of the ground. The front right wheel had seized, so a mechanic came out, took the hub apart and got it to spin, then fitted a new wheel and tire. They were able to remove the truck from the forest.

There are more vintage cars where that came from

abandoned cars in the forest
Abandoned cars seen in a forest at the Tohiea mount | John Milner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Rural parts of the U.S. are teeming with forests filled with automotive relics. There’s bound to be some desirable car or truck wedged between trees or buried in the dirt. They’re just sitting there, waiting to be rescued.


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