A closeup view of Google's self-driving car
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Self-Driving Autonomy Threatens to Kill Your Driving Experience

There’s a difference between a driving experience and riding experience. Driving gives a sense of control. Driving is an experience that permeates the driver’s body through visceral feeling and response from the vehicle. A rider’s experience, by contrast, is much different and more attuned to comfort and destressing. Full self-driving autonomous vehicles threaten to kill …


Porsche Introduces New Infotainment for Old Cars

In an intriguing turn of events, Porsche is introducing a new way to fit their classic cars with 21st-century infotainment. The German carmaker has named this new connectivity option as Porsche Classic Communication Management. PCCM features a vintage design while incorporating the infotainment features we have come to expect including Bluetooth, DAB+, and Apple CarPlay, …

BMW 7-Series 745e plug-in hybrid luxury limousine interior
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BMW’s Reason to Not Offer Android Auto Until Now is Surprisingly Shallow

BMW makes luxury vehicles that are equipped with some of the most advanced tech available. Enormous touchscreens, standard driver-assistance safety features, and even an optional semi-autonomous driving mode are some of the goodies you’ll find on these cars. And even though these vehicles have had Apple CarPlay compatibility for some time, they don’t have Android …