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A 3/4 rear view of the red Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Matic+ F1 Medical Car driving on a race track.

This Is the Fastest Ambulance in the World

Motorsport is inherently dangerous, and to keep drivers safe and respond to accidents as quickly as possible, the safety crews need to be well equipped and highly trained. When F1 drivers take to the grid, their safety depends on some of the most sophisticated technology in motorsport. But, when everything goes wrong, the F1 medical …
Lewis Hamilton racing his Mercedes GP. The secret to the Formula 1 top speed is the high Formula 1 horsepower and low Formula 1 car weight. | Clive Mason/Getty Images

Formula 1 Top Speed

The incredible F1 top speed is due to the power to weight ratio. A Formula 1 car makes approximately 0.635 horsepower for every pound it weighs. Find out more...
This is a publicity photo of Red Bull Racing's RB7 F1 car in New York City. The driver hooned around Manhattan, revving the engine and even drifting into a parking spot. | Red Bull Racing

Watch The Honda Red Bull Racing F1 Car Hooning Around New York City

What New York City driver has not sat in traffic and thought, I wonder how fast I could drive if this road were empty? Well, the Honda Red Bull Formula 1 team found out. In the latest of the legendary Red Bull stunts, the team cleared several Manhattan roads for a race car demonstration. Naturally, the driver could not resist hooning around the empty city: revving between buildings and even doing a 180 into a parking spot. Watch the action...