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In Clarens, South Africa, this weekend, almost 800 Suzuki Jimny SUVs came together to set a new Guinness World Record. It may have been the largest gathering of Jimnys ever, but that wasn’t the record set. The record is for the most vehicles switching on their headlights simultaneously. Who knew?

There were 801 Jimnys in attendance at the Suzuki Auto South Africa gathering. But some were in displays, while others, we’re not sure why they weren’t part of the record. But the number is 787 of the small SUVs breaking the record. 

What did it take for the Suzuki Jimny to get the record?

Suzuki Jimny Guinness World Record gathering graphics
Suzuki Jimny Guinness World Record gathering | Suzuki

Vehicles must switch on their headlights within five seconds to qualify for the record. As usual with these record attempts, Guinness World Records was monitoring it. 

Four generations of Jimnys were part of the three-day event. The attempt was originally to be in 2020, but Covid. So, if it’s a good time to try in 2020, then it’s a good time to try now, right? And like we said, this could have been a record for Suzuki Jimnys in a single location. 

Suzuki Jimny Guinness World Record gathering in South Africa
Suzuki Jimny Guinness World Record gathering | Suzuki

The Jimny has a worldwide reputation as a most capable off-roader, despite its size. In fact, its smaller size is an asset in many off-road treks. Some think the Jimny was the basis for the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen design, as it resembles it, but it came after the Jimny. 

Jimny fandom came in 1970 when the kei-class SUV arrived. It is a body-on-frame off-roader in its fourth generation. It has a low-range transfer case for conquering the dirt, mud, and muck. But it is also known as a capable racer on the track. 

When did Suzuki stop selling Jimnys in the U.S.?

Suzuki Jimny Guinness World Record gathering with camping rig
Suzuki Jimny Guinness World Record gathering | Suzuki

It was sold in the U.S. as the Suzuki Samurai in the 1980s. But damning reports of tippy tendencies and low ratings from Consumer Reports killed off U.S. sales. The last one sold here was in 1995, when Suzuki left the U.S. altogether. 

But Suzuki hasn’t given up on the Jimny. There is an all-new version that came out this year. For the first time, a five-door Jimny version offers more versatility. But Suzuki isn’t stopping at that. 

Will there be an electric Suzuki?

Suzuki eVX all-electric concept
2023 Suzuki eVX EV concept | Suzuki

This Suzuki Jimny is Way Better Than Your Mercedes G-Wagen

It is also working on an all-electric Jimny, with the Japanese automaker planning on offering various versions of the off-roader. These will include gas power, PHEV, and EV versions, as the company plans on an all-electric lineup by 2030. 

Right now, it looks like 2024 is when the first Suzuki EV hits the road. But it won’t be the Jimny. Instead, it will be a variation of the compelling eVX concept first shown earlier this year. But we expect a Jimny EV by 2025.