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2021 Suzuki Jimny Liberty Walk murdered out
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This Suzuki Jimny is Way Better Than Your Mercedes G-Wagen

Who wants a big, lumbering, expensive Mercedes G-Class when you can have one of these Liberty Walk Suzuki Jimny mini G-Class SUVs instead? The tiny off-roader is not sold in the US, but at one time it was as the Suzuki Samurai. Since then it has only gotten better-wouldn’t you know.  The Liberty Walk Jimny …
A neon green Suzuki Jimny on display with stage rocks
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Could The Suzuki Jimny Be Reborn As The New Toyota Blizzard?

The Suzuki Jimny seems to be on everybody’s mind. Subcompact SUVs have skyrocketed to popularity recently. Could a Toyota rebrand be the unlikely way that the Suzuki Jimny finds Its way to the U.S. market? MotorTrend explored the idea and why it could make financial sense.  Suzuki and Toyota’s long history rebadging each other’s vehicles  …
Nato green colored New Suzuki Jimny 4x4 is seen in Otomin

This Japanese 4×4 Is the Most Endearing Off-Roader Ever Made

The Suzuki Jimny has been a staple in the Japanese motoring culture for many decades. Similar to the Jeep Wrangler in the states the Jimny’s roots stretch back to a crude military machine that sacrificed everything for simplicity and practicality. Although the Suzuki Jimny has changed a good deal over the years, in spirit, it’s …
2019 Suzuki Jimny side
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Would the Suzuki Jimny Really Fit in on US Roads?

Although it’s now primarily known in the US for motorcycles, Suzuki did once sell cars here. And elsewhere in the world, it still does. One, in particular, the Suzuki Jimny mini-SUV, has been remarkably well-received. It’s been tuned, turned into Bronco look-a-likes, and taken on heavyweights like the G-Wagon. However, it’s still not available in …
2020 Suzuki Jimny | Suzuki
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What’s Better than a Suzuki Jimny? A 200-hp Suzuki Jimny

The mostly forgotten Suzuki Jimny is a compact four-wheel-drive miniature SUV designed to conquer dirt paths and rocky backroads. Originally put into production in 1970, the Jimny is still sold in the Japanese car market, but we did get some models here in the United States. What even is a Suzuki Jimny? There are only …