This Suzuki Jimny is Way Better Than Your Mercedes G-Wagen

Who wants a big, lumbering, expensive Mercedes G-Class when you can have one of these Liberty Walk Suzuki Jimny mini G-Class SUVs instead? The tiny off-roader is not sold in the US, but at one time it was as the Suzuki Samurai. Since then it has only gotten better-wouldn’t you know. 

The Liberty Walk Jimny gets improvements making it better than a G-Wagen

2021 Suzuki Jimny Liberty Walk murdered out
2021 Suzuki Jimny Liberty Walk | LW

The Jimny is a surprisingly good off-road performer. Now Liberty Walk, a Japanese aftermarket manufacturer, has developed a body kit and other bits that take the look of a Jimny closer to a G-Wagen. There are a lot of changes involved so we’ll give you the rundown just for fun.

At the front, the grille has been changed with custom LED headlights added. The bumper is much more aggressive with large open ducts. A wire mesh lives inside of the openings. Adding to the look is a new hood with a low and wide air intake. 

The wide fenders improve Jimny’s stance and stability

2021 Suzuki Jimny Liberty Walk tight grille shot
2021 Suzuki Jimny Liberty Walk | LW

The stance is enhanced by the nicely integrated wide fenders. Jimnys can look a bit stilted in stock form. So these fender additions widen out the stance giving it a more substantial look. Adding to that are the aftermarket wheels and large tires. 

Interestingly, Liberty Walk didn’t go for the knobby, off-road tires one would expect on an exercise like this. We still like the look. An elaborate visor above the windshield and spoiler at the back adds some beef to the profile. 

The Liberty Walk Jimny is a G-Wagen without the downsides

2021 Suzuki Jimny Liberty Walk interior
2021 Suzuki Jimny Liberty Walk | LW

All of these changes give the look and proportions of a larger vehicle. And that might be the best part. It can look more substantial like a G-Wagen without the bulk. Now, let’s move on to the interior.

Inside there are seats with the “LBWK” moniker and matching steering wheel. The rest of the interior is standard Jimny stuff. So the majority of the transformation is based around the exterior. 

Liberty Walk is known for its over-the-top supercar transformations. In some ways, the LW Jimny shows some restraint-at least within the context of what they normally do. The sad part is that without Suzuki being here in the US you’ll have to wait 25 years before you can get your hands on one.   Or, you can buy a Mercedes G-63 for a bit over $150,000. `

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