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Supercar rentals are quite popular these days. With the prevalence of social media and the compulsion to make our lives seem a certain way, some people are faking it until they make it. It is not uncommon for people to rent supercars and turn to social media to make it seem like it’s just another day. However, supercar ownership is more than just ripping it between stoplights; there are also massive repair bills, as one rental customer found out after the renters tried to stick him with over a $100,000 bill for some rock chips and curbed wheels on a McLaren 620R. 

Supercar rental McLaren 620R in orange
McLaren 620R | SuperspeedstersRob via YouTube

Whatever you do, don’t scratch the wheels on a supercar rental

Rob Ferretti is not your typical supercar renter. In fact, he owns his own supercar rental company in NYC and is the host of a successful YouTube channel where he goes by “SuperspeedstersRob.” Ferretti seems to be well-versed in the supercar world; when he needed a whip for his road trip, he picked none other than a McLaren 620R for the journey. 

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the McLaren suffered some paint chipping around the front fascia and a very pricey front splitter from road debris. According to Carscoops, the tiny rocks also chipped the windshield. Lastly, he somehow managed to curb multiple wheels. Owning a rental company, he knew they would hit him for the repairs, but he wasn’t prepared for a six-figure repair bill. 

How much does a McLaren 620R cost? 

After talking with the owners of the car, Ferretti asked if he could buy the car and make the repairs himself. While this may sound extreme, it makes more sense than spending $100,000 on tiny repairs on a car you don’t own. Unfortunately, the rental company claimed that they had already done the repairs, costing them $101,458. They claimed the repairs included a new front bumper/splitter ($60,000) and a new set of wheels. 

Pricing supercars can be tricky because the custom options and “trim levels” don’t work like regular cars. One or two options can swing the price by $50,000. In general, a 2021 McLaren 620R should run right around $300,000 before options. 

What did Ferretti do about this insane repair bill?

Ferretti made a series of YouTube videos about the damage and the reported costs. Unlike many customers getting news like that, according to Ferretti, he took it like a champ. 

In the first video, he mentions that he understands their position. As “someone in the business,” he doesn’t blame them for wanting to get their cars back on the road in pristine condition, but he was confused by the fact that the rental company would spend that kind of money on repairs before speaking with the customer. 

Ferretti was highly suspicious of these numbers, so he called the shop that supposedly did these exorbitant repairs. They said no such repairs were done. This lack of work from the shop led Ferretti to believe that the rental company was trying to defraud him on bogus repairs. 

Be careful with supercar rentals

Ferretti says in his video saga that there is no shortage of people looking to pull one over on you in the car rental world. When renting high-end cars, it’s best to do your research and make sure you are working with a decent company. 


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