Subaru Recalls You Need To Know About

Subaru has an excellent reputation as a reliable, long-lasting family car. Plus, who can resist the tear-jerking commercials about keeping children safe as they grow up? Heck, Subaru even has dog commercials. How can a vehicle have a bad reputation if it’s dog-approved? 

Too bad, you shouldn’t choose a vehicle based on its commercials alone. Instead of being glossed over by pretty pictures and emotional ads, do your research. Even Subarus have faced their fair share of problems. 

A Look At Subaru Recalls 

Subaru has had to issue a few major recalls during the past few years on their most popular vehicles. 

Faulty Airbag Inflators 

One of their issues involved defective Takata airbag inflators in the 2009-2013 Outback, Legacy, Tribeka, WRX, and 2009-2011 Impreza. As the airbags inflated and deployed, they sent metal shards flying, striking passengers. 

In the event of an accident, it’s great to have a working airbag, unless it causes you to be impaled by shrapnel. 

Improper Steering Columns 

In 2017, nearly 50 thousand Subaru Outback and Legacy 2017-2019 models were recalled due to having improperly machined steering columns, which resulted in an accidental loss of steering control. Suddenly not being able to steer doesn’t sound exactly safe of fun. 

Electrical Issues 

Subaru issued a recall for 2007-2009 Outback and Legacy models, 2008-2014 Impreza models, and 2009-2013 Forester models that had turbocharged engines because the relay that controls the secondary air injector may overheat. 

As a result of the air injector failing, it continues trying to pump and becomes overheated. This may increase the risk of sudden fires. 

Speaking of overheating, over half a million 2010-2014 Outback and Legacy models were recalled because of a plastic cap covering the windshield motor being prone to melting. While this didn’t spark random fires, it could cause the wiper system to fail, leaving people without the ability to use them during rainstorms. 

Brake Line Issues 

In 2014, Subaru issued a recall for 660,000 vehicles, including the 2008-20011 Impreza, 2008-2014 WRX, 2009-2013 Forester, and 2005-2009 Outback and Legacy models due to having brake lines that could become corroded by saltwater. 

This could impact your Subaru’s ability to stop, which is always concerning! 

Power Loss 

A Subaru recall that was issued for more recent models includes the 2018 Crosstrek, 2019 Forester, 2017-2018 Impreza hatchback and sedans, 2019 Accents, and the Crosstrek Hybrid due to power loss. 

A faulty component in the engine could allow oil to leak in places it should go. Along with causing the Subaru to lose power suddenly, it could damage other parts of the engine, leading to more repair work. 

Of course, Subaru has done their part to notify owners and make these vehicle repairs free of charge, but if you’re a Subie driver, you may want to research your VIN here to see if your model has been issued a recall. 

Subaru may not have as many recalls or issues compared to other vehicles such as the Ford F-150 and may not have tanked the company like GMC did with the H2, but they still aren’t perfect. 

No vehicle manufacturer is entirely free of issues. Be sure to do your research for any potential problems while car shopping. No matter how powerful, fresh, or family perfect a car, truck, or SUV may seem, there still might have a few issues to consider.