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Those who own a Subaru seem to not only enjoy their reliable vehicle, but they also can be fiercely loyal to their brand. Some people never venture away from the iconic blue and stars badge, once they’ve experienced their first Subaru. The automaker builds its reputation on being a cause-driven, lifestyle-fitting, longevity life partner with its customers.

But is that really the case? Does buying a Subaru mean you’re more of a nature-loving, dog person whose life is dramatically enhanced because you own one? We took to the Reddit threads to see if we could find anyone who actually regrets having bought a Subaru, in an effort to put the brand message to the test.

A geographic and climate preference for many

For many consumers, a vehicle needs to bring certain capabilities to the table to be considered a good fit. For example, a working lifestyle might be best suited for pickups. A city commuting driving routine might require a more fuel-efficient economy car. For those who live in colder climates, where inclement weather can present daunting drives throughout the seasons, Subaru vehicles make excellent choices.

Many models in the automaker’s lineup come standard with higher ground clearances and AWD, making it a must-have for wintery condition driving. As we uncovered in a few Reddit threads, people looking to relocate to places like Colorado and Minnesota were often given the advice to look at the AWD capable Subaru models.

Reliability and customer satisfaction approved

When the third-party organizations compile the data from vehicle owners to then share with consumers, you can expect authentic recommendations. gives Subaru a 3.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating. Of the 32 car brands evaluated, Subaru comes in at 14th overall.

These ratings are cumulated on actual ownership costs, including repairs or reports of significant failures. Based on those Subaru owners, reliability is an above-average strong suit for the brand.

Roomy, practical, affordable, and kind of a perfect fit

Consumer Reports evaluates ownership experiences with various Subaru models too. In their battery of tests and among the Consumer Reports members, Subaru cars and SUVs often offer roomier interiors, easier access, more intuitive controls, and increased visibility.

The Subaru family of vehicles also typically receives high safety ratings with the NHTSA and the IIHS. Another selling point for many Subaru enthusiasts is the price tag. Consumers feel they are getting more bang for their buck when they balance the hefty roster of benefits and reduced MSRPs. There really is plenty to love about what these capable models have to offer.

Aha, there are a few critics

As promised, we scrolled through the various Reddit threads to uncover any Subaru owners who regretted their purchasing decisions. And, as you might expect, we found some critics. One Subaru owner regretted her WRX purchase within the first year, due to lofty transmission repairs.

Another commenter said he had given the same Subaru model two chances before saying ‘good riddance’ to what he called a ‘rattle box.’ Other former Subaru owners admitted having been lured in by the AWD, but finding much better performance with other brands, like Mercedes and BMW. One even complained about severe paint degradation with his Subaru.

In short, it does seem like Subaru owners love their cars. There appears to be truth behind what the brand advertising tells us to believe. We did manage to find some who experienced buyer’s remorse and regret.

But, there are probably critics in every automaker camp. If you have your eyes on a Subaru for your wintery, adventurous, or family lifestyle, you’ll probably love it too. Of course, it’s about personal preference and finding the right vehicle for your specific needs.