Why is Subaru Rated So High for Overall Brand Loyalty?

When you think of a Subaru you think of Subaru people. Brand loyalty has remained high for Subaru over the years. The ads run by Subaru often appeal to a wide audience, including dogs. The Subaru brand is known for safety and longevity. But what makes Subaru owners so loyal? J.D. Powers reviewed automotive brands last year and Subaru still held the top spot. Subaru’s customers keep going back for another Subaru.

Subaru brand loyalty is a phenomenon. It rises above loyalty to other Japanese cars like Honda and Toyota because owning and loving a Subaru seems to mean more to Subaru’s customers than just owning a car. It is an identity, a mindset, that has people hooked on the brand for life.

Love. It’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru


Subaru uses the word “Love” to promote the core values of the brand, but customer loyalty goes even deeper than the recent Subaru Love Promise. Since the birth of Subaru of America just over 50 years ago, the brand has gained incredible traction, remaining high on the customer loyalty charts. Largely due to attractive and heartfelt marketing campaigns, owning a Subaru has become something that its loyal customers can identify with. A Subaru is a car you can fill up with your family and all the memories and love you share along the way. It’s a car you can connect with.

Subaru conveys its brand as the kind of car you can buy when you have your first baby, and then give that same car to her someday when she’s all grown up. And the ratings show that not only is this true, but those parents passing down their old Subarus are buying new ones for themselves.

The brand works hard to maintain a connection with its customers and their expectations because Subaru wants to go beyond just a car. Owning a Subaru is almost like joining a club. A club full of people who love their dogs, their families, and have a little (or huge) sense of adventure.

They keep up with trends

Subaru also works to keep up with automotive trends like electric vehicles and modern technology like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. Each model has a list of engine and trim options just like other brands, but something about the Subaru seems to be difficult to let go of. From speeding machines like the WRX to the new Ascent there is a Subaru for everyone. Even the Sedans boast beefy engines and All Wheel Drive.

If someone has had one Subaru, it is likely they will have another. Vintage Subarus and new models alike spark something special in their owners. This is because Subaru works hard to connect with people on an individual level.

The love promise and other ad campaigns show that Subaru wants buyers to see them as a brand that cares. Buyers can feel they are helping their community with the purchase of their Subaru. Community efforts and technological advancements continue to keep Subaru high on the list when it comes to some seriously hardcore brand loyalty.

Safety, folks

2020 Subaru Ascent
2020 Subaru Ascent | Subraru

If you are talking about a great all-around brand with a reputation for safety, Subaru is there. With models winning safety awards year after year, Subaru is a go-to for most when it comes to choosing a car for safety reasons. Tear-jerking ads have depicted parents choosing Subarus for their young new drivers because of the EyeSight and other developed safety features.

Safety, community, reliability, and human connection are all a part of the Subaru brand. For over 50 years, Subaru of America has won over the hearts of countless Americans and kept them coming back for more. A great car with a great message is easy to identify with.