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Stranger Things is a global phenomenon and unstoppable force, but it also gives us automotive enthusiasts some classic car time capsules to enjoy. The trend continues with the latest iteration, Stranger Things 4, and a pretty rad van. You read that right, there is a cool van in this show, and it has a funny secret for fans. Here’s how the little yellow Surfer Boy Pizza van and its hilarious driver, played by Eduardo Franco, proved an excellent addition to the Netflix universe. 

What is the pizza van in Stranger Things 4?

The Surfer Boy Pizza van in Stranger Things 4 appears to be an early 1980s Volkswagen Vanagon. The van was minimalist and charming, a popular choice among Southern California surfers of the time. The earlier models had air-cooled engines like the 2.0L. However, the pizza van sports a lower grille, suggesting it’s packing the 1.9L water-cooled engine, like the 1984 models. 

A Volkswagen Van like this one in yellow played Eduardo Franco's Surfer Boy Pizza van in Stranger Things 4.
A yellow and white VW van | Getty Images

The van in the show sports a yellow and red livery with advertising for the fictitious pizza company Surfer Boy Pizza. Along with the logo and phrase “delivered hot to your door,” the van sports a phone number. However, this is no fake number; it is a functioning number that the creators put on the van for the fans.  

What happens if you call the number on the side of the Surfer Boy pizza van?

If you call the number on the Stranger Things 4 Volkswagen van, 805-45-PIZZA (4992), you’ll get Eduardo Franco’s too-funny character, Argyle. If you’re a fan and haven’t tried it yet, I suggest doing so. I called the number myself and couldn’t help but smile when I got the familiar cadence and personality on the other end. As Argyle would say, “try before you deny.”

Why did the show’s creators choose a Volkswagen van for Surfer Boy Pizza? 

The little Volkswagen van was an excellent choice for a Southern California pizza delivery van. The vans were inexpensive and plentiful, so it makes sense that they would be used for local business. Additionally, the vans bring a level of cool and cute to the screen. It is unlikely that you’ll ever see Dominic Toretto driving one, but it looks right at home in Stranger Things 4

Can you get a Volkswagen van like the one in Stranger Things?

If you want an old-school Volkswagen van like Eduardo Franco’s in Stranger Things 4, you’re in luck. According to J.D. Power, you can find a 1984 example for around $26,000 on average retail. You might spend a bit less if you want an earlier version, like the air-cooled models. Hagerty says you can find a 1981 Volkswagen Vanagon in good condition for around $20,100. 

An early model Volkswagen Vanagon is the same model type as the Surfer Boy Pizza van from Stranger Things 4
A VW Van | Getty Images

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What cool cars are in Stranger Things? 

In addition to Argyle’s classic Volkswagen van, Steve Harrington’s BMW is a pretty little sedan with a storytelling purpose of its own. Also, the blue Chevrolet Camaro makes for a rather sinister on-screen car, almost a bully by itself. If you want to read more about on-screen cars, scroll down to the following article!